Feeling homicidal

anyone else feel this way often

its prob time i stop posting here.

I felt like that when I tried taking welbutrin for three days. I’ve never heard of such a reaction, weird stuff.

it is pretty normal , no one has the right to take the life of someone or hurt someone else, you know the difference between right and wrong .
best thing is to contact your shrink if you get real bad, or go for a walk in nature untill you calm down.
i see hell all the time , you do not want to end up there , trust me.
take care

I feel this way often, but then again, my homocidal thoughts and feelings are genetic, unfortunately… Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

thanks darksith and psychoticteen

In the distant past. Scared me. I had to fight myself so I wouldn’t commit any violence.

I don’t legitimately feel homicidal. Sometimes I’d like to kick someone’s ass. I let it slip once that I was interested in kicking a relative’s boss in the face once and I got way too detailed and ended up in the hospital for about 10 days. Generally speaking though, I’m very peaceful and it’s hard to get me mad. I doubt I’d even kick someone’s ass realistically…but maybe it’s ok to think about it.

i have to fight myself too nick77. i try to convert my homocidal feelings into suicidal feelings so i wont hurt anyone but myself. sometimes it works but i end up feeling suicidal. cuz i have hurt some people in my past. not bad but hitting and hitting with objects and slapping and kicking people. and i just dont want it to turn out that i go more and end up actually fatally hurting someone. im afriad of myself.

I’ve been suicidal before homicidal. But after the night this little family has just had… I could get to that homicidal feeling I think.

Rather I’d probably just feel very selfish and apathetic about the fate of others. I wouldn’t have the want, care or emotion towards someone to do them in.

you can always message me if you need to talk about it or anything, okay? Same thing goes with everyone else.


thanks rin

and thank J

and everyone else

Why are you leaving? You raised a legitimate topic that other people deal with too. Just don’t act on your feelings. Because you don’t have too. To act on those feeling would be the biggest mistake you could make. And potentially your last one. But suicide is just as bad. You owe society not to hurt anyone. But just as important, you owe YOURSELF not to hurt yourself. The criteria for needing to be hospitalized is if you feel you are going to hurt yourself or someone else. Like darksith says, you know the difference between right and wrong. Do the responsible thing. Hospitals suck, but prison and a guilty conscience is worse. My violent feelings went away. Maybe yours will too. My violent feelings have died down to about the level of ou812’s. I feel like kicking someones ass sometimes but I’m pretty harmless.


your right a guilty conscience is worse and yea prison.

i just said id leave because i had a rift with someone.

but im ok with that now.

now i just am trying to get over my homicidal thoughts.