Feeling better today. Than yesterday

Last night I was discouraged I really was struggling with a part of my homework. But I’m feeling better today.


Although I woke up to a text from my friend of s gravestone and RIP. Thought it was gonna be somebody else but it was our friend who died 1 1/2 years ago. Freaky stuff.

can I see a picture of the text? like a screenshot? I think you may need to reality check this.

Not the most pleasant way to wake up, that’s for sure.

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well i guess you really did!

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Why did he text you that?

He visited his grave site today I guess. We had a common friend who overdosed on heroin. I actually met mike in June, but knew Jackson (the guy who od’d) back a couple years ago right before he died. So when I was like “did you know jack…?” He was like “no way you knew jack too!!! He was such a good kid…etc etc”. And we grieved together even though we weren’t friends yet when he was alive. So I guess he wanted to text me that cuz he visited his gravesite today.

Oh. I guess that’s nice? :confused:

Awful thing to wake up to though.

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Well the good news is mike is six months sober from heroin! So he’s doing real well! He has sz too. We have a lot in common I’ll see him in December

Oh wow! He has a huge achievement under his belt, just like you!

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