Feeling bad tonight

Feeling very depressed :pensive:
Hopeless everything getting me down
Family are robotic no empathy with me


This life seems wasted
Whats the frigging point in it all

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Looks like noone here gives a f__k

Did you have another user name?

Yes spaceoptic 12121

Sorry @spaceoptic . Sometimes it takes awhile for someone to respond. You also just changed your name. I think sometimes people are more likely to respond to someone they recognize.

I’m sorry that you are feeling depressed. I don’t know what time it is there now but sometimes when I am not good I just go to sleep and hope for a better morning. Sometimes a reset like that really helps. Otherwise, I dunno, maybe call a friend and chat, or maybe try to do an activity that might change your mood. A movie can be a good escape sometimes. IDK. Hope one of my suggestions is helpful.

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Sorry youre feeling bad, i can relate. Try and be kind to yourself

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Just chatting on the forum might help as well/

Thanks but i slept till late afternoon so not tired
Just feeling ver low
Rang crisis earlier

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im sorry you are feeling so low

i just got online and saw your post

when im really low a hot shower or cold helps my mind reset a little

also if you have any pets spending time with them can help

im sorry your family is no help i feel that cause mine is the same

do you have any thing to take to help you mellow out to get you threw the night

dont be afraid to call crisis again if needed

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Thanks no i almost took an overdose but something stopped me. Hubby has all the pills now

im sorry it got that far

im glad you trusted your husband and he has your meds

when i get that bad i have my mother take my pills knives razors and keys

i really hope you feel better soon

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I think it was the thought of spending hours in a&e that stopped me
And they really dont give a s__t they expect you to have patience of a saint and then do nothing to help you
Your lucky if they give you a bottle of charcoal to swig in England it sucks
Crisis listen a bit but noone really supports me other than hubby

I doubt what i had would’ve done much anyway 30 benzos and 24 paracetamol probably wouldn’t have done anything
Id have more chance jumping out 2nd floor window but then risk paralysis ugh doh

ya ive tryed over a dozen times

it sux to survive cause you end in hospital for long time

atleast you have your husband

i have my mom but she thinks im selfish cause i would leave her

i feel ya ill be up for a couple hours if you want to talk

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Thanks your an angel babe!

Hubby sitting with me here talking bout the drop in bitcoin value its really plummeted £1 million is down to £762 pounds
He loves me to bits so i should feel like i have something to live for

Its hard though when you get suicidal clouds your judgement

I don’t rely on parents their getting too old and too religious :sleeping:

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I have a few bitcoins but lost my password because of psychosis. It sucks.

I live alone and it’s too much for me to.

I couldn’t live alone end of
I dont know how you can
I really wouldn’t cope
Sorry you’re not

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my mom and i are each others help line

she saved my life many times but my hallucinations tell me and show me to kill her

thats when i get real suicidal cause im afraid of myself

so i totally understand when the si starts how hard it is to rely on my mom cause i have a brother and sister and my mom is their help line too