Feeling alone

I’m just feeling alone right now. I started off the day angry. Now I’m sad. I’m tired of sleeping alone. I want to hold and be held. I want to get a kiss good night. I want to hold hands. I want a good friggin hug. I’ve been single for 7 years. Im so tired of it.


I haven’t kissed a girl since ‘06!

I’ve been distracted with most things sz.

Worse is I suppose I could’ve volunteered by now but I’m so liberal in my talking I’m scared I’ll somehow manage to bring shame to my family.

Sometimes I begrudge myself for not being a business major(I would have loved that material)(I was communications)…

But I know myself I’d have been attracted to the grandeur of the twin towers. My slow start in finance was fine when you take that perspective.

Hang tight you’re probably just having a bad time right now but it’s temporary.

Are you male?
What’s your age?

Do you have things to occupy your mind? A job?

I feel funny posting. We are like the blind leading the blind in all likelihood : ).



We got your back bro.



Hugs))) @pasteyface

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I feel you, single is no fun

I’m male and 34. Haven’t dated since I was 26 or 27. I’ve forgotten exactly. I was too sick to date. My best relationship was with my good friend in college. We lasted 2.5 years.


I find being single is fun but that is all I know

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Do you work or volunteer?

Do you exercise?

I need to do these things so I’m projecting.

I’m 44 and my body is slowing down (I’m not really amorous that much).

Still companionship matters to me.

Who knows maybe we can help each other

I’m sorry. That makes me sad too. Are you stable? Have you considered joining things where you get to know people over time? Like a bowling league or book club or something?


No I don’t work. I tried but it doesn’t ever work out. I do doordash delivery a couple hours a week just for cigarette money. I just starting doing arm exercises but not as much as I should. I don’t volunteer.

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I am extremely stable. I’m afraid to do things out in public though because if I’m away from home too long I get incredibly nervous.


Ive never had a girlfriend, i do crave it a lot nowadays. I know how you feel.

I feel like im a waste of time / waste of a person at times. Dont feel like this though. Keep telling yourself you have something to offer :confused:

I’m in a long distance relationship and I find myself constantly longing for more. It’s hard some nights.

I’m sorry. I know the feeling @pasteyface . Try to see if you feel ok to go out with certain people. If you trust them, it could help a lot.

I feel alone too. I’m getting bored of my bedroom.

I want to switch bedrooms.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling alone.

Hopefully that will change! :pray:

I know how you feel. I’ve been alone since 2008, my last relationship was with my ex- wife. Since my divorce hurt me so bad I’ve been reluctant to have another relationship.

Getting hurt is no fun. I got pretty emotionally beat up in my in my last relationship. I pictured her as the girl I’d marry but she just up and moved back home to Florida. Told me she was leaving while I was at work. Really hurt. I haven’t been able to trust since.

When I was young I desperately wanted a boyfriend but now it doesn’t bother me .

I honestly go through phases. Some days I get really sad about being alone. Other days I’m like f@@@ that noise. Bachelor for life! Haha.


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