Feeling a bit sad past 2 days

Feeling a bit sad.

I have my own flat right now. But it’s in an independent living place. A block of flats. 7 of us live here and get a bit of extra support from support workers downstairs during the week if we need it

I’ll be moving out completely independent next year which I’m thrilled about. But I want to move to a small town half an hour away so I can stay under the same mental health team also because more property for rent there which is cheaper with yards and I really want a dog.

Also cause right now I’m so down about the gym.

I was going to a nice gym in that town with my sister but she no longer goes so I joined one locally here. I can’t use the gym it’s so small where the cross trainers are and the weight area is a room full of men. The pool is nice so I’m using that. But nowhere to shower afterwards. Only rinse off. And they are closing it down in a year.

People are pressuring me to stay in this town because there are more things to do. But I enjoy the gym. Photography. Want a dog. Want to stay under the same mental health team.

It’s making me sad. Esp the gym situation.


overall though it sounds you are doing well…good on you :smiley:
i hope you are having a better day today… :heart:
take care :alien:

You seem to be high-functioning; being able to have a gym routine and living independently. I’d say that with time more things will work out in your favor. I couldn’t imagine taking care of an animal or going back to the gym. Too much maintenance for me at this point.

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I’m also impressed with Your high functioning. I’m so lazy with working out

Thanks. I didn’t realise this even got posted. I thought it got lost in translation.

Well. I managed to swim today. So yes I am doing good as to 3 years back. My life is a 180.

Still sad. Feeling stressed.

Thanks for the replies.

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I get sad and stressed. It seems hell is a fever with me and all I can do is wait for it to break

I remember your username,your a old forum user,I am kinda sure

Hope you feel better soon

Hope you feel better, you’ve got good things to look forward to. The sadness will pass, I’m sure of it… Getting a puppy is a good therapy :smile:

The way you have things planned out, I’m sure it will pass by. It’s life you know, we all got our ups and downs. Also getting a dog is a great way to unwind and is mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. Hope you can share to us a pic or two of him/her someday.