Feel the best when i wake up

I always feel the best when i wake up. Anxiety hasnt set in yet. I can read for school or listen to music. I usually get up around 5am. Its still dark out. I like getting uo when its dark and quiet. My parents are still in bed. Its just me, my coffee, and some reading or music. I love the mornings. I never was a morning person until i started meds. Now i love the morning.


It’s the opposite for me, I have anxiety just after waking up then it fades.


I feel fine for half an hour after waking up.

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When I wake up with 8 hours sleep and have a shower the good feeling last for first half of the day.

Mines like an hour to 2 hours. Then anxiety kicks in.

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So i went back to sleep and woke up anxious. So much for peaceful mornings.

My mornings are my best hours before the anxiety gets worse

I have the most energy when I wake up. Its like for a few moments all the things that are going on with the brain have reset, and it takes a few hours before the brain starts feeling like…yep you get random fatigue at doing stuff now.


I wish that time would last longer, its such a brief amount of time that you miss so dearly that you don’t actually often feel like doing anything other then relishing the freedom.


I usually have good days or bad days. If I have a bad day I just sleep it off.

Yeah. Like you can actually relax for a minute rather than worry

wish I can do the same, I sleep so much nowdays. What med is you on?

mornings are okay. music stuck in my head though when i wake up. i relate to the anxiety not setting in yet. evenings are rough for me.

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I is on invega trinza as an AP. Celexa as an AD. And buspar for anxiety

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Yeah. From 10am on im just an anxious mess. Today its really bad.

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