Feel like I'm going nowhere

I feel very down and in a rut today. I’m 35. Living at home. Jobless. I have enough money to get by and could do a bit of travelling. I could go to college and start career. I think I’m well enough. I really want to get my own home and family. What do I do?

Did I not read somewhere that you are thinking of going into nursing?

Yeah but I don’t know if I’ll get in. I have a lot of ideas but don’t know if anything will work out. Don’t know if it’ll be to much either.

Oh right. Its good to have plan a, b, c.

Nursing job would be so rewarding.

Best of luck I hope you get a place @Lowri

Yeah I’m applying for social work as well. I feel really tired as I haven’t skept all night. Sleep patterns messed up again. I think it’s making me view thiungs negatively. how are you?

Social Work would suit you. You have to go to university for that too.
Are you going to try and change your sleeping pattern.?
I’m OK, thanks. Got pcp appointment today. Have decided I will take up swimming later on in the year, just ten or 15 minutes per session, because walking doesn’t feel like a good enough workout on its own.
Also have a pip assessment interview coming up in the next few weeks sigh they are maybe gonna reject me.

Yeah I’m going to try and stay awake all day today. Congrats on swimming I must get back to it. Also fell off waggon with eating habits. Good luck with pip assessment. How’s your diet going?

Omg my eating habits got absolutely dreadful for a fortnight. Like so bad that I can’t help but wonder what is going on inside my body with this much fatty sugary foods. But this week they’ve been good.
Thnks hope pip will accept me but dunno…
That’s gd idea to stay awake all day, I think it can def have an Influence on your mood.
How’s ur eating habits atm?

eating habits not good.

Going to join a diet group. Don’t know if I can stick to diet long term.

I’ve upped my calories
I’m hoping just the fact that I’m not binging will help me lose weight. N eating relatively healthy.

Yeah I think it’s the most realistic way to do it and the slower you lose it the more it stays off.

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Turkey or TC - have a winged heart.

Yea I’m giving myself this whole year to lose at least15kg that ought do it. If I lose earlier that’s cool but I’m in no hurry anymore cos that’s too stressful and puts too much pressure

Take care, imma go out the house now

Have a good day

Hope you manage to keep awake.

Just had a thought, what if we can catch coronavirus through swimming pool?? :frowning:
I was so looking forward to swimming. I suppose the chlorine would kill it

I don’t know. I wouldn’t think you can catch it through swimming pool.

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De he speak deautsch naturally.

Salam alaikum, a common greeting in the UK, for those who know may the peace of good will be with thee, shall I say it again;

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