Feel awful

God feel terrible. Really paranoid and no energy. Lying in bed. Waiting till Monday for when I can have meds increased.


Don´t worry, use this time to rest. On Monday it will become better you will see…

I hope so. Thanks. I’m just resting now.

You aren’t alone!!! I’m so tired of feeling like crap …
I’m extending my quarantine so I don’t feel even worse…

I feel like crap 95% of the time but never feel normal.

for me , “it is ok to feel, not ok”

Hang in there @Star84.

Hello Star,I hope you are better,I’m also waiting for Monday to change my meds,I need something to sleep because I’m taking 5 benzos per day and they don’t work for me.

Yea I’m kinda like that today too

I was okay a few days ago and then I hit a stump.

We’re all a stump to this tree of life :confused:

Phoned hospital today. Psychaiatrist off. Care worker off till tomorrow. Hopefully will be able to sort it tomorrow.

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Spoke to care worker. She didn’t seem concerned about my symptoms. She said Psychaiatrist is off for a week. Then injection not for other week. She said she doesn’t know if Psychaiatrist will up dose.

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Well that sucks. What do they expect you to do if you’re feeling bad?

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I know. I can’t believe I have to wait so long.

What would u do if you were me increase meds or not?