Fearing for your life

How many of you believe someone is going to kill you? I deal with this a lot.

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I used to think people are trying to kill me, but now I don’t, aside from religious extremists who have screws loose.

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I never thought I would make it to 40. Now I’m 58. Go figure. Funny thing is that some of my neighbors scare me more than the crack houses I’d been in years ago. I sure wish I had listened more when me and my dad talked about life. The fear comes and goes.


They give me motivation to get stronger. Not gonna let that old woman, my neighbor, get the better of me. Bring it on you, i’ll fight you!

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As a kid, that was a fear my abuser put into me. Between her and me getting beat by my parents I still feel it was justified and not completely delusional.

But unfortunately I still have times where I fear people after my life. I’m pretty numb to it now.

I feel it also helps that I learned some self defense. But reality checks are also important!

I get it from all angles. My plan is to trick at least one neighbor to giving the f*ck up so I only have to play mind games all day with 4 neighbors instead of five.

You’ve heard the expression “fight fire with fire”?

My motto is:
“Fight psycho with psycho”. I had to have learned something from being in hospitals and group homes most of the eighties.

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