Feared that I'd never get into college

Ever since I was a 4 year old, it seemed like that was all I heard about - that I’d be going to college when I grew up. And then I flunked kindergarten. I think I did not respect my mother enough. She was a Phi Beta Kappa with an M.A… and to me, she was only cold and rejecting.

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Never went to a brick and mortar college, no ragrets

I wondered why mother kept harking back to her college days when I was young and realize now that she was only reminiscing because she was unhappily married. Anyway, I grew up thinking that being in college was the only happy way and failing in school was something close to a reason for suicide.

Exact same here. I failed college /university and still have a chip on my shoulder about it.

I got my B.A. and a nervous breakdown.


Wow, well done on getting a degree chordy. I had a nervous breakdown, but didn’t get a degree!

I never failed I just got hospitalised the term I should have taken the exams that might have got me into university.

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