Just not with it


i am usually good at doing things but

i am struggling, i baarely managed to go to college today

and my heart wasnt really in it :frowning:

idk whether to laugh, cry or scream,

the rubbish is piling up and i havent shaved

and i dont think my friends like me very much at college.
and the teachers have been having a go at me as well


hi daydreamer your doing really well just to go to college in the first place hun give yourself a pat on the back. i always have problems thinking that people dont like me ITS NOT TRUE just cause you get that feeling know what i mean.
keep going dont give up tcxxxxx


well you arent no girl, at least what i know.
so its no shame 2 go captain cave man at college


you are just feeling down on your self, tomorrow will be better .
don’t give up because you had a bad day.
when we are down or feeling sensitive , we imagine our friends do not like us or our teachers are being hard on us ! but they could also be having a bad day, have a headacke , problems at home.
hope tomorrow is better for you.
take care



be strong, live is about taking a whole load of ■■■■, imo
i am now helping you with this video, i hope