Fear that others can see/hear my intrusive thoughts

Does anyone else have this problem? It makes the already frustrating delusions and intrusions a lot more difficult to cope with. Like I’ll be in public and see a black person, and the voices will start saying the N-word and I feel like everyone around me can hear it too. But I’m the FURTHEST thing from racist, I never have been. I wanted to be a social rights activist at one point in my life, for that matter. That’s just one example but it happens somewhat often to me, sometimes for entire days at a time. If anyone else experiences something like this, do you have any advice for me?

Similar problem for me with super big consequences it’s like my mind was the kindling instead of my tongue that set a big forest in fire

I used to believe everyone knew my thoughts, it was terrible. But they can’t, it’s impossible. I’m sure it will pass eventually.

What were the consequences?

Multitudes upset with me by the time word got around

I’m confused. When word of what got around? Something you said or did, or the intrusive thoughts?

Intrusive thoughts

I wholeheartedly believe that it will pass, still very frustrating at the time though. I think I have concurrent PTSD from it to boot. Kinda miserable. /:

Thought broadcasting

Accidentally induced thought broadcasting

@Otue this is a recovery oriented website, please be supportive towards recovering from delusions, not fueling them further.

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Yes, it’s very tough. I’m sorry you’re going through that. Do you take meds, go to therapy?

Could you explain more? Not to be…intrusive lol. Pardon my pun, that probably isn’t funny.

Did you share the thoughts with someone and that led to people being upset, or you were directly approached by someone who was seemingly upset about intrusive thoughts that you never shared with them? Details pls, it might help me

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He isn’t bothering me at all, hearing other people’s experiences usually eases my delusions, or at least comforts me in knowing that I’m not alone in my struggles. And no need to be sorry but I appreciate it lol. Not yet and not yet, but I’m shcheduling an appointment sometime this afternoon.

Good luck with the appointment, don’t delay the scheduling.

I understand that he isn’t bothering you, but other not so well members or non members can read this and it can make them worse. We don’t want that.

Keeping the talk recovery oriented is very important for all our mental healths.

Okay, totally understandable. Otue, I’ll browse through your posts if I want more info. But thanks for trying to help.

Procrastination is my strong suit, but not with my mental health. Hopefully I can get an appointment with this psychiatrist without having to wait a month or more. Gotta love small rural towns lol

So you haven’t been diagnosed yet?

Technically I was, about a year and a half ago, but it never found its way into my medical records somehow. Buuut that’s pretty much undiagnosed in my eyes, so yeah no diagnosis yet lol

That’s unusual :slight_smile: Was it a sz diagnosis?

Sí. It was a messy situation, hospital visit during the throes of post-stimulant overdose psychosis. I had like four different doctors interview me in a row (probably because I was being…less-than-friendly) and then try to give me some injection (ostensibly Geodone) which I refused, and sz was their consensus. Fast-forward 2.5 years and I’ve finally accepted that diagnosis as fact.

So, unusual? You betcha lmao