Fear of being abandoned

I’ve been abused, neglected, and bullied most of my early adolescence and childhood and so I have a constant fear (especially around Koreans) that I’ll get abandoned here in Korea. For 6 years, Korean students at church and at my junior high school bullied me and my mom was too tired to deal with it.

If only Korean students treated me fairly when I was abroad…

I seem to have an unhealthy fear that Koreans are going to not treat me well because I have psychotic depression. No one is going to know that I have depression, but I don’t know why I fear people in my country so much. I’ve met many awesome people in Korea, but I don’t know how I can abandon my trauma.

In other words, PTSD sucks.

I want to trust people again without feeling like ■■■■!

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You just have to make sure you get to know people before being overly trusting of them. There really are good people out there. I’ve dealt with absolute monsters in my life, but I’ve also had the pleasure of knowing good people in my life too. My friends I have now are good people.


I’ve had some terrible experiences with people before but I’ve learned to trust people again at least somewhat.

I see, I’m glad that you have friends to trust and depend on. Maybe I will have friends one day.

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When covid is under control, you can meet people by joining clubs etc. you can do meetup.com virtually to start with until they resume in person meetings.

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I met my best friend in a support group for mentally ill people.

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