A fear of being neglected or abandoned

These two fears seem to rule my life.

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abandoned by whom? family, friends?

Are you able to control how you act on these fears with regards to other people?

Have you received help or therapy or applied self-help solutions to try and lessen those fears?

Do you know the cause of those fears?

Like borderline pd?

I think when you’re in a vulnerable position then these are natural fears.

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I have this fear and I get taken advantage a lot because of it.

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I’m scared of being abandoned too. I’ve been married to my husband for 15 years, and he’s been with me through so much, but I’m terrified he’ll walk out the door any day. I’m even scared my pdoc will leave me. I agree with everhopeful. I think that you’re vulnerable, so these feelings naturally follow. Therapy might help, though. I’m being a hypocrite by suggesting this, by the way, because I’ve never tried it.

by anyone I have to depend on.

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fears caused by a rejecting mother who thought children should be independent. When I’m alone I get scared and shake a lot and don’t feel right until I’m aware of my provider’s or someone’s presence.

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