Fear and managing money

I give my parents all my disability money. I have a disability bank account where the government puts money in it for when I get older. I can start using the money at 51 y.o., now I am 30. But I can only withdraw 10% of the money per year after 51 y.o. My mother sent a few thousands dollars cheque to put in that account with my application when I opened the account and I told that to my bank.

They were surprised and said that I am the only one who has the right to put money in it and that my mother has no right in doing that. Idk what they will do. Will they make me have a payee?

How do payees work? Do I get access to my money without the payee’s persmission?

Who here has a payee?

@anon54988740 Did you have a payee?

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@lekkerhondje @CoCo @bobbilly How do you manage your money?

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im my own payee.

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I meant a payee other than yourself.

sorry i didnt understand your question.

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You can have your mother be the payee. She would just manage your money unless she lets you and just does it to make deposits.

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Ok I will tell her but what happens after my parents die?

Then you could manage it, or have someone in your family or someone you trust, do it.

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I don’t think I can since having sz. Everytime I tried I got into debts bcz I overspend, daily takouts, etc

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I used to spend 850$CA/month on food when I was working.

And thats only on takouts at work. On top of that I spent about 50$/week eating with friends. I eat free at home as I live with my parents. So its 1100$CA/month on food when I was working. Its ridiculous.

The more I have money the more I spend. Sucks. Thats why now I let my parents manage my money. That started happening since having sz, pretty sure its from brain damage.

@oe1489 Why did you use your mother’s debit card without her permission? Do you also have spending issues? Do you have debts?

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yea, i have credit debt i have to pay off.

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My husband is my payee, so I don’t. But every month I put a little money aside so at the end of the year we can have Christmas

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What will you do without your husband? Can the government assign a payee?

Your payee will pay your bills with the money. If there’s any left over, they can choose to give you spending money, but they don’t have to. You are not allowed access to the account your payee uses. If they find out you have access, they will force you to get a different payee

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Do you also have spending issues when you manage your own money?

Life sucks, I guess. I don’t got much but it’s enough to live with my parents and have an okay life – better than homelessness.

I have a small special needs trust when I get older after my dad passes away. I rather have him around than the money. He was worried for the longest time I would spend it all on cigs and monsters. He’s a smart guy and money miser lol.

I think I’ll be set if I stay out of trouble. My faith helps me a lot.

Some people are just sad statistics and sink instead of swimming. Sometimes you just have to deal with the cards you are given.

He says I should get a job. I want to get a degree. I don’t want to stay on social security the rest of my life. Sometimes, I question if I should even be around and live this horrible life.

I don’t need a job at Microsoft or Google, but maybe just a basic job at Costco or maybe making some money. I made $50 off bitcoin lol. That’s the most I’ve made in 10 years.