Favourite city?


Other than your hometown. Id say ronne in denmark.


Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, not to dirty, and just all around nice city.


Montreal or Quebec City Canada.


My hometown - Edinburgh


Is it a big city?


Yeah definitely land mass


Vancouver, British Columbia.


I loved Seattle Washington and Anchorage Alaska.


Big cities are big cities but they have their charm too.




I also loved Boulder Colorado.


What about NYC wave?


I went there a lot when I was younger pre sz days.
Too much craziness there now for me to handle it well.

Not one of my favorite cities.


I really liked Seattle when I went there in 2014. Not really a city fan… At all… Lol


I love Seattle, Washington, USA!!! It’s so lovely! I want to live there someday.


I really liked to go to San Francisco when I was young. I also like San Diego.


witchia ks the kill capital of the mid west.


Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. I lived up there when I was a young man in my twenties.


Dunedin, New Zealand. My old hometown. It only has a small population of around 118,000 people. I can cope with that.


San Francisco :slightly_smiling_face: