Favourite city?


New Orleans Louisiana!


【北京】Beijing, China


Toyko baby!



Berkeley CA. 15





Like @Zilija1 Sydney is such a good city and good to see it mentioned.

Have had many an adventure in the small strip at the end of George street in the Rocks. Crawling from bar to bar. Then there’s that amazing harbor and a trip across to Manly!

Gawd. You ever want to see an amazing city then Sydney is so good. Don’t bloody drive though. The traffic is ridiculous!


Reykjavik, Iceland


Cluj-Napoca, România


Buenos Aires though i havent been:)


I love New York
I went there age 24 with a friend
Had a great time


Stunning city.,


Definitely Tokyo!
Runner-ups would be Copenhagen, Aberdeen, London.


Kelowna BC Canada where all the summer fruit comes from the Okanagan :blush:


Oslo is pretty nice :slight_smile:


Sienna , Italy
or Lucerne, `Switzerland


Graz, In Austria. I’d been there for 3 months. Nice weather, colorful streets with music performance, and good looking people.


I believe it is too small to be considered an actual city, but the small town of Houghton, Michigan, USA. I’m more of a small town kind of guy. Houghton is where my undergrad school is, loved my four years there.


Vancover. It’s in British Columbia, Canada.


I do not have a favourite city or town, I have been in many cities.


I don’t have a favorite city either other than my own home town, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. I’ve been to many cities too.