FAQ rule, Keep it clean, nothing obscene or sexually explicit

Since when is multiple partners obscene? I am monogamist, but if other people choose not to be, that is non of my business. Sex is not reserved for a monogamist marriage.

Masturbation is not criminal, nor should it be offensive that people do so. It is not like anyone is posting pictures, and there is no need to read every single thread if it offends you. Saying you masturbate shouldn’t be problematic. Saying you use drugs is not against the rules (as fat as I know), even if the act can be criminal. Saying that you masturbate (or do drugs, which has nothing to do with it, but you brought it up), is not the same thing as trying to get other people to do so.

Sexual dis-function can also be a problem that stems from sz/sza or the medication, and should (imo) not be banned as a topic.

Talking in general about sex should not be considered offensive, since sex is natural and legal. Going into specifics should not be allowed though, neither should pictures of sexual acts.

What should be considered obscene anyway? What one finds obscene differs between cultures, religious views, and political views.


I do not know what to think. You know the world is the funny place, some words and images are okay somewhere but not in some other places of the world. Somehow some old matters came to my mind, when I was a child and we had some visitors from the USSR and they found some sex magazines and then they took these because these were not allowed in the USSR. Now today there are three million prostitutes in Russia, so what is right or wrong depends on the culture and society at any specific time in our little world.

isn’t the forum rules…

criticize the post, and not the person?

Are you talking to me?

well, not necessarily, just to anyone, or maybe the original poster.

This has been explained endlessly to you. We are allowed to talk about sex. It’s an important part of life. It affects us, and it can have an effect on our disease. and also, everything @Evillynn said.


Sorry. I’m bad at telling what is directed at me, and what is not.

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“Keep it clean”

Very straightforward.

Shame on you! @NiceHat

You feel so entitled to try to prevent other adults from discussing problems in which they are dealing with on a support forum! If you have a problem with specific topics that cause you offense, don’t read them. Many people on this forum have sexual side effects from the medications so it’s a very appropriate topic for this forum.

Don’t try to enforce your moral values on other people!

If you don’t like it here, you can always start your own forum and enforce a strict puritanical code on topics you don’t approve of.

You should feel ashamed of yourself!


“Schizos sit around all day talking about sex…”

ha! Still love that post.

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@NiceHat. I interpret the site guidelines to mean that discussions about sex and masturbation are OK as long as they are not obscene or sexually explicit.

I haven’t seen any recent posts that fall into either the obscene or the sexually explicit category. With that said, the Mods can’t read everything posted on the forum so we may sometimes miss something.


I fail to see how masterbation is not explicit, it doesn’t get any more explicit than that.

Here are the forum guidelines. It’s always a good idea for folks to periodically review these guidelines.

Explicit would mean graphic description of the act itself not a general discussion about masturbation or use of the term masturbation.


I’m not keen on the topic of masturbation but some people feel the need to talk about it. Whatever, I just don’t read it.

Live and let live.

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Masturbation is not harmful, nor should it be shameful.
Like Moonbeam said, as long as it is not graphically described, it is not explicit. The topic also clearly stated that it was about masturbation. You did not have to read it.

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Eats popcorn…I just avoid the sexually themed threads…unless I have something offtopic and what I consider funny to add…like walking out with my popcorn on the masturbation thread…just skip them…


Definition of explicit can be found in this link:


fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated; leaving nothing merely implied; unequivocal:
explicit instructions; an explicit act of violence; explicit language.
clearly developed or formulated:
explicit knowledge; explicit belief.
definite and unreserved in expression; outspoken:
He was quite explicit as to what he expected us to do for him.
described or shown in realistic detail:
explicit sexual scenes.
having sexual acts or nudity clearly depicted:
explicit movies; explicit books.
Mathematics. (of a function) having the dependent variable expressed directly in terms of the independent variables, as y = 3 x + 4.
Compare implicit (def 4).

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I was waiting for you to turn up with the popcorn. I was thinking of summoning you for that specific reason!


I need some of that popcorn right now … :popcorn: