Forum rules = serious BS

It’s serious BS that we can have a topic about how many times we masturbate per day but we can’t talk openly about struggles with alcohol or drugs, @ninjastar. The fact that there are so many recovering addicts (here and among the schizophrenic community) only makes it all the more asinine. It’s like having an AA meeting where you can’t talk about beer because you might trigger somebody. Give me a break.

So much for this forum.

Were you glorifying in your addiction or seeking advice and support?


People discuss addiction issues all the time. Maybe it was the way you were talking about it and not the content itself?


We are here to promote what’s best for us, and that’s not always what we think want.
Rules without enforcement equal chaos.

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At least we are still allowed to talk about schizophrenia.

Have looked at your thread and yours and others posts I can see why it was locked. It was a glory fest of saying substance abuse is ok really. No attempt at discussing advice and support.


Seeking help in overcoming your addiction is allowed. Bragging about how much you smoke and drink is not. Do you see the difference?