[poll] Should there have to be content warnings on sexual topics?

Other sites and platforms use CW (content warning) to warn against content, much like TW.
Lots of users are uncomfortable or triggered by content of sexual nature. Since we have TW rules for things like violence, delusion-triggers and others, would it be an idea to add a rule that there’s Content Warnings on threads and posts of sexual nature? (This includes masturbation and erectile dysfunction.)

Should there be CW on sexual content?
  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t really think it matters.

Pretty much any subject on this forum could be considered triggering to someone.

I think if you don’t want to see a topic,

You should silence/ignore it.


Why just sex? There is drugs, delusions, religion etc these trigger me much more, makes me like psychotic.


I think it needs to be moderated more strictly because there are children on this site and many people find it triggering. A CW isn’t going to ruin those topics for the people that want them.

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Some paranoid posts also trigger paranoia in me. I just avoid them.


I vote no, because topics about sex and masturbation are always clearly labelled as being about those things. It is a user’s responsibility not to click on a clearly labelled thread that they know in advance will contain their trigger. TW is more for threads with a surprise topic, like when people make a topic titled “I just remembered something” and in the post they talk about being abused. Someone could click on the “i just remembered something” thread and not be aware they are going to read about abuse, so we add TW abuse to let them know. But if a thread is titled “why I masturbate” and a user is triggered by sexual talk, they have ample warning to mute or ignore that thread without ever reading it.


Thing is those topics actually get shut down or have TW. Sex seems to get overlooked though despite being a sensitive subject

We’re allowed to talk about sex.


If you don’t like it, don’t read the threads.

They can’t shut those down because sex is a normal part of life.

I don’t understand why we’re debating this.

Just don’t read threads that will trigger you,

Seems that simple.


Sometimes they don’t. Like the CIA neural monitoring thing. I even received pms about delusions like terrorists etc I made my profile private for this reason.

I also get triggered by pseudoscience posts about treating sz, I just learned to ignore them.

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These are actually super against the rules and I appreciate anyone who flags them. We have had many good members ruin their lives on fringe treatments that cost thousands of dollars, in addition to the social cost of quitting their meds and destroying their personal relationships.


No. People are triggered by all kinds of things. Instead of posting a warning on all almost everything on the internet or worse, censoring stuff, teach people how to deal with ‘triggers’ when they are children so when they are older it isn’t such a big problem. I don’t want someone else’s psychological problems affecting the information I have access to and how I live my life, or my life experience.


Here is the thing. Putting the letters TW on a topic does not do anything to stop someone from clicking on it that a clear topic heading does not already do. All it does is create extra pointless work for the mod team. We have no problem adding TWs to topics that aren’t clearly labelled. But if the topic says what the trigger is already, it is up to every person to decide if they feel comfortable personally reading the topic. The forum software allows members to mute or ignore specific threads and people.

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I think that there should be content warnings on all triggering or sensitive topics including threads discussing about recreational drug use.
Some members like to brag about their past drug and alcohol use.
I don’t think this can be helpful.


Thing is as the poll stands now it does show that people are in favor of some kind of rule as far as sexual topics go. A CW isn’t asking for much…

Yea, I won’t name them though.

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A sample size of 19 isn’t enough to get an accurate picture though. This needs to be up longer.

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There are 7-8 billion people on the planet, all of which have different triggers. Some people are triggered by politics or relationships or sex or comedy or drug use, etc… the list goes on and on, there is literately no end to what triggers different people. That means you would have to put content or trigger warnings on almost everything, not just what a random person or a moderator deems a trigger. Almost every thread would have someone complaining about why there wasn’t a trigger warning on a given topic. When everything has a warning the warning become meaningless. It’s easier and more effective to teach people coping mechanisms to deal with their problems when they are young so they can deal more effectively with their psychological problems.


I agree with this 100%. People should learn coping skills and avoid threads that could trigger them if necessary.


I don’t understand the problem.

The children here are not so young that they need parental controls. And if they were, there’s parental controls for that. You don’t need to be 18 to be allowed to read and talk about sex.

The people who are triggered by sex can avoid the topic without a content warning. When they see talk about sex, they can stop reading. If the mere mention of sex is enough to set them off, which is hard to imagine, then they shouldn’t be on forums at all. The world is full of adults talking about sex and we can’t put up warnings whenever that happens. Also, they could use parental controls.