Fans of spicy food sound off!

Yesterday I went to my favorite wing joint. Up until now, their spiciest wings were called “Suicide Wings.” They are not very hot by my standards. They had 2 new spicier wings this time: Habanero and Ghost Pepper wings. Habaneros went down with no problem. I thought they were rather weak, but I have exceptionally high standards. Let’s move on to the Ghost Peppers…one word: Wow! Freaking hot! They came with a shot of milk (literally a shot glass of whole milk). It was not nearly enough. I had to order a full 24 ounce glass of whole milk AND a slice of cheesecake to calm my mouth down. So I guess I have met my match. My tolerance lies somewhere between Habaneros and Ghost Peppers. If you’re a fan of spicy food, I want to hear from you! Can YOU handle a Ghost Pepper?

I can handle soup cooked with black pepper and white pepper without problem.
First time I heard Ghost Pepper.

Lightweight! LOL. Ghost pepper info:

Never ever ever ever touch your eyes when you been handling chillies.

Thought I could cope with a whole chilly pepper once. As my stomach was burning from the inside. I wont make that mistake again. No idea what strength they where. My mouth could handle it but not my stomach.

Can’t help but think of the Simpsons now. The Merciless Peppers of Quetzlzacatenango!

I know @alien99 is gonna razz me about this but I like Frank’s Red Hot hot sauce. I know it’s not hot, but it’s tasty. I’m not really a fan of hot foods.

My meds used to make me involuntarily bite my tongue. I grew to hate spicy foods during that time as anything even slightly hot would hit the sore on my tongue and hurt like hell.

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In Asia, we have Tom Yam, Green Curry, Asam Laksa. All spicy and tasty, some are sour.

I see you like vinegar, and that’s about it. :stuck_out_tongue: Not going to give you too hard of a time since you have a valid reason for not liking hot sauce and that would be rude…to make light of another’s suffering, especially a med-induced issue. I think you said it was Risperdal that caused the tongue biting? I’ve had some wicked EPS from meds (80mg of Haldol will do that), so no, I’m not going to razz you too bad. I actually feel for you, man.

My son likes this too.

Resperdal, Consta and Invega each would do it.

I love spicy food… my gran could make some amazing tamales that would just knock the socks off. She even made a spicy guacamole

muy bueno

I enjoy my food a little on the hot and spicy side, especially my stir fries but never been into anything too on the extreme side.

I cooked a stir fry once in which I misjudged the hotness of a particular pepper I was using and it was as if my apartment filled with pepper spray. Everyone was choking and tearing up and well leaving. I tend to pay a little more attention to the type of pepper I’m purchasing these days…

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I don’t want to sound mean, but I have to admit, I was helpless with laughter the very first time my kid sis saw wasabi.

It’s the same color as guacamole. So she took a big scoop and ate it in one bite… poor kid. :laughing:

Odd think is… now she loves it.

I’ve had wasabi peas, darn tasty. Never had any other form of wasabi though.

I love horseradish. My grandfather used to make some killer stuff. The family used to love telling the story of how a salesman came to the house one day and my grandfather offered him a big spoon of the stuff. The salesman ate it trying to make a sale and boy did it do him in.

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My older brother got me good with my first encounter with wasabi…told me it was pistachio :smiley:

I’ve been known to whip up a mean spicy peanut sauce too…mmmmmmmm I love me some spicy peanut sauce. I like to use coconut oil for this but don’t have it down to any sort of science or recipe.

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I was just gonna post that one…wasabi…an awesome alternative to pre made cocktail sauces…
But man, did you eat a whole spoonful? that would be a bit much!

I also love any type of red pepper or hot pepper spices, curry, and some stuff most people never heard of i get at the organic health food store…

This is a good pre made sauce too

There was actually an outcry in California regarding the company that makes Sriracha sauce…apparently the smell became overwhelming and the City Council intervened and gave them 14 days to rectify the matter, and they complied. :smiley:

yes I use often use sriracha in my sauces…good stuff.

I’ve read about their factory causing some issues with the neighbors though…I wonder if this was resolved?

Ah…well there ya have it^

Has anyone heard of Sambal?

It is famous in my country and neighboring countries.

As defined in a free encyclopedia.
Sambal is sauce typically made from a variety of chili peppers and secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, sugar, lime juice, and rice vinegar or other vinegars.

If you heard of Nasi Lemak (literally means coconut rice), it is eaten with the Sambal.

@Malvok, I have a recipe for “buffalo wing dip” to be eaten on celery sticks if you want it and it uses a half a bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce, it’s really pretty easy.

@alien99, I love sriacha sauce and tabasco on everything. I make a grilled bacon/cream cheese filled jalapeno dish on the grill that is to die for.

yes, I like spicy but I would NEVER eat a ghost pepper or a habanero for that matter.

As for Chinese most flavourable or spicy dishes, consider Sichuan (or Szechuan) chilli. It is well known even in my country.
Maybe @green5 can elaborate more?