Do you like spicy food?

I’m starting to really like spicy food. Not extremely spicy but enough where it has a good kick to it. I like hot sauce on stuff too. Like eggs with hot sauce is delicious. Theres this place that does spicy miso ramen and its so good.


I really like spicy food too ! :hot_pepper:


Love spicy food. Puts tons of black ppper on a lot of stuff. Like cumin too. Garlic, sesame oil, onions,etc. Curry too.


I like spicy food as long as it’s not so spicy I can’t taste it.


I love spicy food like Thai or Indian where it has a kick to it like you said… And I love black pepper… But I don’t like when there is Indian food which is just too hot that all you can taste is the Heat… I’m not great with too spicy … But I like warming food, particularly noodles!


I like spicy food Indian and Mexican, I like to feel it burn.


How far up this list would any of you go?

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ive eaten ghost pepper before and made sauces with it

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I’d be willing to give them all a try, can’t guarantee I’d finish the meal though :laughing:

The hottest pepper I’ve used in my own curries is one called the ‘Scotch bonnet’ they’re quite brutal.

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I like my food quite spicy but baulk at it being too hot chillis/peppers. I’m much more of a korma than vindaloo person.

Yes I love spicy food. Especially hot wings :yum:

I like them, just can’t eat spicy food, it comes back to haunt me

I like food that is a little bit spicy. Not real bad spicy. Just a little bit.

I go through a regular bottle of TABASCO every month…that’s not that hot to me…I also like to stuff jalapenos with cream cheese and bake them…deseeded of course !!

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I’d like to give them all a try, but the only one of these I ever found in stores was the habanero. I was cutting one once and made the mistake of touching my face with the juice on it. Man that burned! And nothing would get it off. The food was great though.

I like chilli’s. I’ve developed a taste for the heat. I don’t like total meltdown but I like it hot enough that you at least start to cry a little! It definately grows on you!

I like spicy food but I am also a big baby when it comes to it I need like 80 gallons of drink to soothe the burn… that beings said though. It hurts so goood

I really like spicy food. I will eat hot sauce on plain rice because I love it so much!

The first time I ate sushi (or even heard of it) was in the late 1980’s. I think actually that was when it first started getting popular (at least in California). My job had a sushi bar in the building and some co-workers talked me into trying it. So they put a few salmon rolls or whatever they’re called on a plate with some green stuff. They told me the green stuff was dip. Well, I thought it was guacamole so I put a big piece on the sushi and ate it. And it turns out it was NOT guacamole. I almost threw up and tears were coming down.

Bringindiann spicy is mostly what we eat.

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