Famous people I've ran into through my years

Gary Busey, Telly Savalas, and John Belushi (distant photo op), all in a universal studios hotel I went to in about 1979. I talked with Gary Busey in the elevator with two beautiful women and he invited me to go to his hotel room with him…like a fool I said, “I have to ask my aunt”…haha…

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I’ve had encounters with famous people.

But my sister’s stories put me to shame.

She’s had to deal with most everyone in Hollywood.

She’s been a costume designer for twelve years.

It’s pretty interesting knowing first hand accounts of people you see in movies and TV,

Knowing if they’re nice or jackasses.

I love gossip, so it’s great for me.

I love hearing her stories.


WhAt type of stories? Do tell unless there’s a media blackout on it

I was a stage hand at a music festival a few times. Met some famous bands. Nick Carter has very hairy feet and hates wearing shoes whenever he can avoid it. He also is quite a gymnast.

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She usually has to go to their house for measurements and fittings,

So she tells me about where they live and what their house is like.

If they were nice or if they treated her like some kind of peasant.

She tells me how they acted on set towards other people.

All sorts of stuff.

It’s very interesting.


Who’s nice and who’s assshole?

I refuse to answer the question under circumstances that it may incriminate myself or others.

I met the tellytubbys when I was younger and also west life (they are a boyband here in Ireland)

Feeling so happy right now that I experience life the same way that normal people do

That’s a long list of names and ratings.

I’m not going to just list them all.

Do you have a celebrity your interested in knowing is nice or not?

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Yeah Justin timber lake!

I served Royalty back in 1971, that’s about it for me

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I also seen the power rangers live

Went to tons of gigs but never met the band

I don’t know about Justin Timberlake or however you spell his name.

I know he’s done some acting gigs, but not enough to run into my sister.

He’s mostly a singer, I think.

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What about Leo dcaprio?

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My sister never worked with him directly,

But her roommate did.

She said he was very polite in his emails and very professional in all their interactions.


I really don’t have too much…

I met the Yankee baseball player from the 90s named Jim Leyritz for an autograph, he smiled nicely and gave a nod to me. I walked away with a really solid impression of him!

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Ya I think he’s a good skin alright, really into the environment and such. What about Brad Pitt?

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I wish I didn’t know any of most of these actors names to be honest, such a joke.