Celebrities come through town

so I grew up in these little casino towns. well actually the casinos arrived when I was 13-14. anyways it was just a matter of time until celebrities started coming through the casinos.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. personally I like the musicians but I have disdain for actors and moviestars. I feel like the people who want to be famous actors should stay in los angeles and new York city instead of looking for new places to shoot movies and stuff. I couldn’t imagine being famous, I don’t even like getting into conversations at the grocery store when I go out.

like I said, I do like the musicians and we get some decent acts for being a small town. music is just a good time for me so they get a pass. is anybody else put off by the thought of celebrities?

that said I’ve never met a celeb out and about at a restaurant or bar or something

There were a lot of celebrities hanging around and living in my hometown growing up.
It is close to NYC.

I couldn’t care less about meeting celebrities, I have been living among them for years.

I would however love to meet Ian Astbury from the rock band the Cult.

That would be Awesome!


I guess its just the culture of people that adores celebrities that bothers me.

it seems like such a simple mindset that I’ve grown up around. it’s bugged me about this place for awhile.

another thing that pisses me off, is we don’t get any original music acts at the bars and restaurants and town bbq. they only give gigs to cover bands. that and the local radio just tries to create these rock gods. or pillars of culture by playing all the same ■■■■ and all the same bands for the last 30 years. it’s like a super bowl halftime show around here


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