Family time is kind of a crapshoot

Just finished my family get togethers and man I literally just sit there while everyone else is talking to each other and on the rare occasion someone starts talking to me I just smile and nod I’ve got zero social skills anyone else have the same problem?


It can be painful.


Mine are over now too.

I came home early, as I missed my place

During the holidays it wasn’t so bad.

There was only 5 of us, and I know them all well.

I said some inappropriate things, but people forget how dead pan, sarcastic and joking I am when I say things


Surprisingly enough, I didn’t have any anxiety during the festivities.

Like, it was just myself, mom and dad spending a nice evening together.

Not socially-overwhelming, and my parents are pretty chill for the most part, so that was good.

…I did take 20mg of Propranolol just to be on the safe side, though.

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