Fake Forum News Friday Edition


Potato Has Coughing Fit During Announcement to Minions
Sources close to the Potato deny the rumors
Potato’s doctor will reveal results of physical on Saturday
Potato’s enemies claim coughing fit is a sign “of weakness and incompetency to perform”


Notmoses Lurking In Shadows, Again?
The disgraced forum braniac spotted in the Lounge repeating to himself his life experiences that occured from '94 to '03
Witness heard him mumbling about the necessity of different kinds of therapies
Other witness reports the self-proclaimed doctor giving her a condescending look

In our reality-based segment…

Nomad Gives Homeless Person A Dollar In Saintlike Gesture
Went out of way to get in different lane, opposite of where he was going
Possible Time Person of the Year nominee? “It’s possible”, says Nomad, “but I wouldn’t accept it, I’m too humble about stuff”
“It was no big deal” says Nomad, “I’m a broke college student and I had to drive for five minutes to get back to where I was headed, but it’s no big deal”


Great… A Coach Potato…

:+1: for going out of your way to help Someone.

Wow, you are definitely a candidate for sainthood!

As for the other news, I knew I sensed an air of condescension lurking about the forums!

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I think the coughing was in the Doctors Office for a hernia test :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I had burritos last night.:flushed:


Question. Will the great potato disclose his medical history on Dr. Oz?

I’m sure he’s at a support group somewhere telling parents that it’s all their fault.

I heard on TMZ that there was a problem with the Great Potato’s rider. Dr. Oz believes bacon & sour cream should only be consumed in moderation.

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