Failure again

My care coordinator has referred me back to the crisis team and I’m worried about what comes next - last time it led to being hospitalised and neither me nor my husband can cope with that…


If they think it’s better for you to go in a hospital, then sure it is. How much do you think you will stay in the hospital?

Your word “failure” is too strong. It suggests fault or culpability. There’s no blame or shame in whatever happens to you. Go easy on yourself.


It’s possible it won’t lead to hospitalization. It sounds like you need more care from mental health pros though. The crisis team is there for you for that. Hang in there! Take things one day at a time.

Did they say why??

Crisis team haven’t been in touch yet hopefully they will call this morning meanwhile the voices are so hard to cope with

Just remember they’re not real, if you can. It can be hard. Try to ignore them and to focus on something real, like the chair you’re sitting on or the table you’re leaning on. Those things are real.

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The voices, I mean.

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@Borath thank you I will try my hardest

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:hugs:take care regardless of the outcome. We’re here for you

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Thank you @anon98519533


You’re a cool person and sorry you’re having it so rough :hugs:

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