Crisis Team Are Coming

What should I do, these people are trying to put me back in hospital and give me depot.

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Just cooperate and then take it to court if need be.

Is that bad? maybe it will be of help to you?

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We are so fearful of being “invaded.” No surprise. (At least not to someone who has seen this specific fear in dozens of sz pts, and is pretty sure he understands why.)

I havenever been told they will give me a depot before. I have seen people screaming when they get forced I dont want to have that

More likely to do with being delusional and in a panicked state. A depot is no worse than any other shot in the rump or thigh, no worries. :smile:

Suggest you just co-operate and go with the flow. The more co-operative you are, the sooner you get your street clothes and your freedom back. These folks are simply looking to help you. Nothing sinister at all going on here.

Best of luck.



Sorry I am being stupid. Someone please delete this

You’ll be fine just take the depot injection and be cool. I’ve dealt with crisis intervention team officers (cops who are trained to deal with us without shooting us…or using force at all) just fine by being calm and responding clearly to what they ask and not carrying a gun in my pants.


Try not to worry, they want the best outcome for you only. Keep us posted and keep calm…

It’s all the sz and its “policies” abou being “invaded,” I expect. I’ve been depoted twice. For very good reasons.

I hope you feel better soon… and I know it’s scary when you feel like your going to be taken to hospital… I don’t like the hospital either.

Maybe the crisis team will be able to help you and not take you to hospital. There were a few times were the crisis team my family called didn’t take me to hospital… but they did get me in to see my doc many weeks early.

Good luck


I hate to say this but I care so I will. when I needed the hospital I went in voluntarily so it would go easier. I even asked for it. this helped.

for whatever it’s worth…



Thanks for your comments. Been a rough few days but I think meds are kicking in now. They did ask me to go to hospital, but for now that choice is still mine. The crisis team were much friendlier than ten years ago. Last time I saw them all they wanted to do was send me back to hospital, which was why I was worried. I just told them I am not ill enough for hospital but they want to see me over next few days and make sure I take meds. I might discharge myself from the services, but not sure. I don’t like causing fuss.

Don’t discharge yourself, let the experts do their work.