Facebooked the Ex partner

Looked up my partners facebook, and its full of pictures from my daughter. I could have cried, and i nearly did.

The womans still ruddy beautiful 17 years later. Rebound? Yeah maybe - but was nice to see my daughter grown up. Hearts feeling slightly broken lol. Sent a message - but i know damn well i wont get a reply.

Another Daddy took over my duties years ago.

Why do i do it too myself?


Why did you lose joint custody or why didn’t you get joint custody? What happened? Your daughter should know her dad

She dissappered for years - and i preferred the drink over seeing my daughter - whilst i might add, was psychotic for years with a horse Sh!te diagnosis of EUPD. And was not taken seriously for a long time by the cmht in my old town.

I let them go. Cos i could not even look after myself and was sleeping rough at the time.

I was a violent psychotic drunk. :frowning:

Its only in the past 10 years - with the depot injections ive been normal! Its hard to explain without giving you a life history - but it wasnt all my fault.


Im sorry you went through that. Can you start a relationship now that you’re stable?

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Hoping to start a relationship as well. But i burnt my bridges a very long time ago. Mum probably thinks ive just gone on a guilt trip cos we are near xmas. Thats not the case. Ive cried for hours at a time over the loss of my daughter to the duty CPNS over the phone.

I just wanna see my little girl. Shes 18 in March, and Daddy here not seen her since she was 4.

Its not an excuse. I was bloody ill for years. And everyone dismissed me as being a piss artist on the drink, at the A+E the GP the lot of em. Yet, BAM, soon as i went on the anti-psychotics - the lights went on and i was normal again. Thats when i got the schizophrenia diagnosis.

Mental Ilness has dealt some cruel cards to me - And one of them was the destruction of my marriage and the loss of my daughter.

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I’m so sorry. I hope it works out for you. Could you write a letter or call her?

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Only to the account on facebook im afraid. They have moved so many times i simply dont have an address anymore. :frowning:

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Well it’s worth a try

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@SethTheNew I can relate to your story. I lost custody of my children when I went off my meds. Fortunately I got help quick and back on meds. Losing years with your sweet kiddos is hard on you and them. I am glad you are medicated and stable now. I hope you can see your daughter again.

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