Earthchild rising from underworld!

Hi guys! I know you’ve probably wondered where I got to. I saw @Aziz was one of them lol!

Anyway long story short I’ve been in hospital since 24 Dec. Six days in psych ward then two weeks in acute ward of state psych hospital where I was bored out of my mind and had no phone access.

Now two days ago I was moved to therapy ward and spending a few weeks here trying to sort out my mess.

I’m a f@#$ing mess. The decision to divorce has derailed me completely but I’m slowly coming to healing. It will be a long way still. I’ll probably be in hospital till mid Feb or so.

I do have access to my phone now but only two hours a day so can’t reply much.

Will let you know what goes on but saw pdoc twice today and whole team and the nurse so far has said the pdoc wants to put me on antidepressant as well to help with my very low mood and high anxiety. I think he will see me tomorrow about that.


Hey welcome back. Glad to hear you’re more stable now.

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Sounds like you’re getting the right treatment to help you.

I know the feeling of getting completely de-railed by simple things, let alone the pressures you have been under with your divorce

Make the most of the stay. Now you’re there is a good time to help you build strength to cope/deal with the decision you have made.

Wishing you all the best @EarthChild

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ah good to hear you managing ok even if things are messy =)
i hope things will keep improving!

I hope you are feeling better now @EarthChild
I’m glad you are back

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Welcome back, wishing you a healthy recovery :star:


Welcome back! I hope you have a full recovery very soon :slight_smile:


I hope you get to see a therapist enough to sort out your feelings about the divorce. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I’m sorry but to be honest I was expecting it, you were really in a bad shape the last days.
I’m glad that you are back and I hope the divorce goes well so that stress goes away.


Welcome back. Get well soon. I hope the psychologists there gives you sound advice. Good luck.