Facebook is ruining the world


I once had faceboook when i turned 19 i think it had just come out. It lasted about 1 week and then i dlt it and started panicking about the usual stuff.

Why has life become about living an online , perfect image, perfect photo, perfect love story scene. Facebook is 100 % the anti christ or an evil force that will take over everything.

I would highly recommend trying to get off it and living more natural lives where we more in control of ourselves. no one following us etc. I think facebook affects us in ore ways than alot.

I know google traces us and stuff but we actually sharing everything we have and living a life ( lie ) over facebook

I really think we should all dlt it… Its way more serious than we think


People willingly hand over all their information and details to Facebook aswell which is what I don’t get!

why is it dangerous? I share pictures, Work, Funny quotes and stuff.

a lot of people dont participate in facebook anymore and they’re not active… and the ones that are active bombards my feed with politics news from around the world. facebook is boring.

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There are more things than Facebook that are ruining the world… IMO

If you are a paranoid person like me, then Facebook
is not a good idea.


I hate Facebook but have an account for news and other stuff. I have no friends.

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Not good place facebook, I have lost a of time and continue.
Andy Warhol said that in the future everybody will be famous about 15 min
Facebook is the scene, but I see that more and more people stopped to share and change their profile picture in every three days,

It is interesting what will be happen with fb.

I have ten friends on it. I don’t add anyone and I’m not friends with anyone from hs or college. All my friends are diagnosed besides maybe 1. Idk :neutral_face: y I keep it. I look healthy so if someone looks me up they think I’m doing good!!! Probably the only reason I do. Can’t imagine how many ppl have looked up my name and “arrested” or “death” in the last couple years. But haven’t been arrested in 6 years!!! And haven’t died. Bet they’d all think I’d be a heroin addict by now but I hate downer drugs!!!