FaceBook Friendz (!)

I Would Love To Add Some Schizophrenia Peeps On My Facebook Account ,

If You Are Spiritual ,

Which Jus Means ,

ANY “religious” T(Y)Pe Of Denomination You Go With , Is Cool With Me ,

and Actually I Would Love To Get Some Thots On My Personal Belief System ,

So Jus Send Me A Message and I Suppose We Shall Try and Become Friends ,

I Have Been Spending My Free T(Y)me On Facebook AND Omegle Lately ,

ALSO If You Have A Webcam and Would L(Y)ke To Chill With Me On Omegle Let Me Know ,

Perhaps See Me On Omegle and THEN Facebook ,


Have A Great Day/Nite and Hopefully I Will be Able To Connect With Some Shizophrenia Friends !!

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Hello There Redrose ,

Thank You For *** ( Liking My Post ) *** ,

If You Would L(Y)Ke To Try and Jump Into My Facebook Swimming Pool ,

Then I Would Love To Have Your Company ,

I Think A Cool Fun Idea Would Be To Meet Up On Omegle ,

Omegle First and Then We Can Exchange Our Info There and Maybe Schedule Another Chatting Meet-up On Omegle ,

Whatcha say ??

I Think It’s A Cool Idea ,

I Havent Slept, So If We Meet-up Today ,

You Will Get To See An Awesome Living Breathing Skeleton !!


jus Kidding ,

Looking Forward To Your Response … :slight_smile:

FB is is a funny one with everybody.

I Am Unsure What You Would Call Myne OR WHhat One Would Say I Have Done To It ,

But After A Couple Months Of Unsleepable Nites ,

Two Calls To Tha Police , For People Knocking On My Windows … ,

and So On and So Forth ,

I Would Love To See Schizophrenia Opinions On What I Have Posted ,

ALSO Would Love To See Other Schizo Posts and Such and So On ,

So If You Would Lyke To be Tha First On My List Of Friends ,

Then Send Me A Message On How I can Fynde You and I’ll Send You A Friend Request :slight_smile:

Hey, @sleepoptimistic, sorry I just saw your message, I am not from the US and I am not religious, so…

@ATARI i might help u with this.thanks…

I Shall Say Thus ,

Hello redrose I Am Not “religious” Either ,

I Am Spiritual ,

and To Teach Such As Within Thine Odd Characteristic Of My Possibly Confusing Message ,

There Is A Difference ,

N E Hoo Thank You For Your response …

hmm ,

thank you for tha “help” “farcry”,

but I shall add thus to tha little conversation here ,

I woke up and found my facebook has been almost destroyed ,

I worked on it for a couple months ,

twas important to me ,

N E Hoo ,

Its Back Now ,

So If You Would l(Y)Ke To Actually Help Me ,

Then Don’t Be Afraid To Send A Friend Request ,

You Too redrose

Have A Safe Great Awesome Evenign Mourning Noon OR Night … :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

okay bro soon u will get friend request…

thanks “bro”


Shall I Say “brah” ,

OR Shall I Say ,

Thank You For Not Sending Me A Friend Request ,

I Guess I Shall Say ,

Yeah I Look Foolish Here ,

uh huh ,


Jus Kidding ,

Looking Forward To Your Friend Request …

But Wait ,

How Do You Know My Name ?

Hmm ??

N E Hoo ,

My Name Is

Slim Shady ,

Jus Kidding ,

If You Want To Be My Facebook Friend ,

here Is My Name ,

((( Corey Lewis )))

And Send Me A Message After You Fynde This Photo

Then Send A Friend Request and I Shall Decide Whether OR Naught We Be Friends ,

So , Looking Forward To Your Message and Request …

Have A Blessed Dai .