Looking for friends

I’ve been recently looking to find new online friends as all of mine are disappearing or can’t handle who and what I am. Specifically I’m looking for someone that can understand me and the schizophrenia. Whether I’m not looking hard enough, there seems to be very little for schizophrenics on facebook and forums tend to look rather inactive.
I’d just really like some people to talk to on facebook or something. I’m getting lonelier and feeling more and more shut off from the world and it’s pretty depressing.
If anyone’s interested in adding me, send a PM I guess.

You should try #thevillage chat room. It’s not bad. Most of the people there have schizophrenia.




Click on chat client.

If anything it’s a great way to meet new people.

thought i would say hi.
take care

Hi :smiley: You take care too!!

I don’t have a facebook page, we could talk on here though if you wish, i must warn you though im very negative about things, or so they say.

I think they might have it backwards though.

That’d be good. A lot say I’m negative too so it’s all good. Most of the time people do get it backwards.

Sometimes their backwardness is astounding, they would tell you to be thankful for a broken leg even and that it was negative to be angry or sad about it.

There is positive sadness and negative sadness, just depends, not the diapers.

I’ll be your friend. If you ever want to talk about anything, just message me.

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