Adding more schizophrenics to this forum from Facebook groups

how can we . ?from Facebook groups?and in general @SzAdmin

I’m not sure what your question is. Do you mean how can we invite more people from different places into our forums here? I haven’t done a search on Facebook for schizophrenia-related groups - but there probably are some. Perhaps you can just post a message there and invite people over.

Tell me more about what you’re interested in doing so I understand better.

I am interested in adding more people who have Schizophrenia to this forum. There are few groups and pages on fb on Schizophrenia. Maybe there are some real Schizophrenics out there who would like to join this group. Unity is always good.i can not message there sorry as my friends will get to know that i am Schizophrenic. Why Dnt you try this?

Good idea. I’ll check.

You might be surprised at how perceptive people can be. It’s likely your friends already know that something is wrong with you. Putting a name to it won’t change things much.

Also, don’t be ashamed of your illness. There’s nothing to hide.

Malvoks right… know who you are and don’t listen to the stigma in the news. I’ve gotten ignored by a frickin priest because of stigma. Cuz Jesus loves the sick, ya know.

(I am Christian).

Back to the topic…

I post about SZ on Facebook.