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I think if you are careful at deciding who to accept as friends, not always something one might be good at, then you can minimise the negativity. Can you be naively willing to let people in to your life(reveal too much too quickly) whilst also being prone to paranoia, or are they mutually exclusive?

My joke about Facebook is that it is very picky about links you can share.

Do you mean links on FB it allows you to share elsewhere or that FB won’t allow you to share certain external links on its site?
I’ve not noticed a problem. Maybe i’ve been lucky.

That FB will not allow you to share certain links.

Did these links have a certain theme or were they general links covering a wide variety of topics?

A little of both. 20 characters.

I asked some of my smartest friends to take it to see if it’s accurate…I tagged them in a post and had to space out free iqtest .net because facebitch wont share the link

I tried too as a test and it wouldn’t post. I wonder whether FB has it marked as a dodgy site.