The downside of Facebook

A little while ago I joined a FB group that discusses IQ tests. I have had numerous friendship requests as a result of that (well- numerous for me) . I’ve been rather free and easy about accepting those requests .

Most seem to be OK. However it’s hard to tell who are people on that FB group or just friends of such . I’ve had one man make sexually suggestive remarks to me , and another with his very 1st PM to me beg for $300 . I blocked both .


Never laughed so hard… Reminds me of some gay friend of mine, ofc he never tells anyone his gay, but this one time he was sleeping over at my place when when I woke him up to go get some kfc; so am driving and this guy pretends his sleeping and he puts his hand on my leg, now I thought nothing of it at first but after I moved his hand, he put it back on my lol… Was a ‘wtf’ moment, but needless to say, I losty appetite for midnight KFC and drove back home. Anyways, I forget about it, but then this other time, we’re out at a club, it’s 4 am in the morning and we’re waiting for some girls to come out, am drunk as hell looking down trying to sleep, when this dude puts his hand on my head, I remove it and he puts it back… and that’s when I new he was gay and probably thought I was gay too - because I always use to wait in the car when he tried to get me to go to brothels with him.

But don’t get me wrong, his one of my favorite friends - even though his gay, and not out of the closet - coz 1, I literally never heard him in my head (you the schizophrenia talk) and two, he always has stories to tell, most of them are lies ofc, but they’re still stories lol

You definitely gotta use discretion when adding people on FB. I have about 20-30 friends requests. If I don’t know them I usually don’t add them.

Someone made a fake account of my friend. People do ■■■■ like that too.

I had over 800 FB friends before my SZ.
During psychosis I wrote non sense on FB and now I only have 150 friends. I think they knew I am schizophrenic from my delusions and crazy thoughts.

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I’d just like to stress that in no way am I anti gay , and would prefer no anti gay comments . My brother is gay. He is the same good person after I knew he was gay than before . Good people are good people whether gay/bi or straight . Same goes for bad people .

It could have been a woman being sexually suggestive , and near the knuckle , with a 1st private message exchange . I’d have felt just as uncomfortable .

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