Experinceing syncronisitys and coinicidents in life

Iv been experinceing coinicidents and scronisitys in life in movies video games and tv. So much of it that it feels like reality chose to mess with me and the voices say that iam the last one in reality left. So much so that it’s in every thing I see even places on the road in the socal area have to do with my delusions. Has any one else expernce this like life revolves around you or some thing


It’s scary cuz the voices say that are going to tourture me

Schizophrenia does that to you, making you think you’re the only one in reality. It’s just a delusion. Don’t believe it.

Earth is a collective experience.



Like a Swimming City in Sync.

Within The Bad Times.

In Parallel With Perhaps, Hades… . …

The coinsidents are to much to ignore like if I wasn’t in psychosis i would still notice these things

I have the same thing. I experience coincidences all the time and can’t ignore them. I don’t think I’d be able to ignore them if I wasn’t in psychosis either.

How does it happen to you? Or what do you see?

The Mother Alone in The House Filled With Jus Born GREMLINS, Heard an Eerie Song.

Playing Softly As She Crept Through The Kitchen.


The Melody Spoke of Secrets Unknown.

The Blender. (Not to Be Confused With The Music Magazine). The End of a Short Road, In The Middle of a Vicious Night.

Of Creepy Feeding.


She Tiptoed, in Fear… . …

Often when I’m thinking something, I’ll hear a few words or a whole sentence that has to do with what I’m thinking. I’ll hear the words on the radio or from someone who is speaking. Or else I’ll see a written word or sentence that has to do with what I’m thinking. It happens about a second after I have the thought. These coincidences happen all day long.

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One time I had a bad cold, but I went on a group outing anyway. During this time the Red Cross was putting out this commercial on the radio that said, “Stay away from people who are sick. If you’re sick stay home.” It made me feel guilty. Another time I was working delivering pizza, and my attitude was a little morose. Then I heard this guy talking live on the radio about some pizza delivery guy who had a bad attitude. I’ve also seen movies that had a person who had the same motives and attitudes I had. It was uncanny. Of course, getting the reader to identify with their work is one of the goals of literature.


The coincidences on the tv drive me crazy

I have a lot of synchronisities, too. One of my main delusions is that I say a lot of my thoughts and then dissociate from those experiences.

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These are the kinds of coincidences that happen to me.

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Yes most definitely. It makes it all feel more real

In my opinion, it is so insightful and smart to realize this!!!

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I have names of people that I know in movies or tv shows or names of places having to do with my delusions

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In what respect, or consideration, do you believe your experiences or perceptions are delusional or unusual, or unique to you?

YES, I had moments where it feels like the world revolves around me too.

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It Actually Does. It is Your Unique Vision And Existence Afterall.

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