Severe synchronicity? When it starts does it stop?

This is what’s caused me the most dis-ease. Words on my screen as I scroll are said through the tv. Similar (very uncanny similar) subjects between different tv shows or videos I come across moments from eachother. What does this say about how our brains work? It’s not even a coincidence it’s things I simply can’t deny. Anyone been through this? Does it stop?


@mortimermouse will probably be able to answer that one :mouse: .
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You’re connecting dots that aren’t really there I believe. Schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist and explain to him/her exactly what you’ve been telling us.

I have experienced similar syncs of things I have just said and then hear the same exact word said on the TV news usually. It is mostly just a single word that I will just finish saying when having a conversation that is most often repeated instantly afterwards. I experience many coincidences during the day that cannot be explained away so easily as being just that. I have heard discussions on this forum that involve many of us experiencing “Da ja vue’s” more than just what is normal for everyone really, as well, that cause me to think logically about these everyday phenomena’s. It seems all to do with timing. Some how our timing gets out of sync with what is normal, I think. I am just speculating of course, but in a logical way. Maybe somehow we are projected into the future a split second before it actually occurs.

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I have this exactly, at first I thought maybe my mind is figuring out how a sentence will end and guessing the last word, but how does that explain things you just heard for a second that directly related to what you just thought/experienced. I don’t see how synchronicity can be so powerful they pop up with just a thought and a mindbogglingly accurate. It scares me to death.

Sounds like delusions of reference. That’s the technical term for this.

What happens is that we see meaning in things that no one else sees- we see things referring usually to ourselves or to other things we are subconsciously thinking about.

Maybe if you give an example of one of these little connections I could have more to say.

And yeah before I got on meds that was constantly happening to me.


I used to think that synchronicity had to do with behaviorism. I thought people planted stimuli just in time to coincide with real time events…thus the military precision synchronicity I experienced. It got it self sorted out with meds after awhile. I would say you should talk to your pdoc about this. Good luck…I hope you get this situation sorted out real soon

I used to think I was the AntiChrist and would see 666 everywhere I went. No matter where for months I would see 666 nearly daily and multiple times per day. Watching people on videos would actually talk to me and respond to me. They make little statements the correlated directly to what I was saying. I’d have full conversions with musicians and they would either worship me or blame me for there problems. I would always assume there was another ghost me floating around messing with there lives.

[quote=“Parlui, post:1, topic:35239”]
Words on my screen as I scroll are said through the tv.
[/quote]I stopped watching television years ago. It completely dulls my senses & causes lots of headache. Even Youtube videos can cause me headaches. I had to quit watching a documentary my head was pounding with pressure just tonight…

Have you ever hallucinated on a mind altering drug like Peyote or LSD for example? If you have, then you can easily explain away a lot of what we experience as being hallucinations. It maybe just natures way of trying to heal us by shocking us back into reality.

Yes. What the mouse said.

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I had all that , you can get better…

I have had that but I don’t let it bother me. Sometimes there have been several things all at once like from the tv and computer and then someone saying the same thing, or someone calling and they say something and then it’s in an email from someone else.
Being a Christian I also know some of it can be messages from God, like when god is trying to show you something and will use three or more different sources to tell you. They call that confirmation. I don’t mean the Catholic confirmation. This site talks about it, and it also talks about how the new age synchronicity is a deception.

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This occurred for quite some time with me enough to where i could be laying down in my bed and my parents in the living room with their TV on since i have not been a TV watcher since 2012 anyway I could what i call “Shot-call” what some of the words or even the next subject would be about and i would pronounce it out loud and it would come to pass. my trajectory must have been more than a second i remember one time i was at a lecture for the mentally ill and i asked a question about genes being involved in offspring getting a condition and the next slide was exactly everything i had just elaborated on before i stopped the lecture to explain what i already knew. There have been other occasions where I can pick up a scent on something and it happen the next day i hear about it. This type of glitch i had was mostly last years phase though. This year has been pretty calm and has went by fast probably because im on the max dose injection and getting it more than i should.

I think what helped me with this issue, besides the medication, was that, to simply put it, our minds can make the weirdest connections, giving meaning to what doesn’t have meaning. If we aknowledge that and remember that events don’t have meaning, it starts to lose his appeal. If you can’t handle it like that, best to talk to a pdoc about it. Mine only passed with medication, and sometimes I still have bouts of ideas of reference.