Experienced my first human hallucination

I’ve never seen a full on person before, and i just told my doctor the abilify has been working for me. that was two days ago. just now, i saw and heard a person yell at me for being slow (a customer at my job) that no one else saw or heard, someone who was gone a moment later. what do i do? i just saw my doctor yesterday, said the double dose was working great, and i hadn’t seen anything in days. i’m at a loss and severely freaking out.


Call and tell your pdoc. A lot of times, Abilify can make psychosis worse. It did me.

i’ve been on it for about two months now. i really thought it was helping. i’ll contact her, but she’s horrible at responding. it could take weeks

If you see any more hallucinations, start hearing voices, get real paranoid, or get suicidal or homicidal, call her. If she does not respond, take yourself to an emergency room or and Urgent Care center. That’s what I would recommend.

Deep breath, you’re okay.

I was really scared the first time I hallucinated.

I would call the doctor Monday morning. If things get worse don’t hesitate to call emergency services.

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what will the ER do?

i’ve seen shadow figures with faces before. i called them demons. so i guess i could be more scared if this happened with no prior experience. i’m scared of what emergency services will do


They might hospitalize you if they think they need to. If your psychosis is bad enough. Or, they might adjust your medication.

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god i hope i’m not hospitalized. my mother was and she said it was hell, like prison.

There’s no need to be afraid of emergency services.


They’re much better than they were 20 or 30 years ago (I know).

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I’ve been hospitalized literally a million times. There’s no need to fear it. It’s not like prison, believe me. I’ve been in jail too. I know what that is like too. No comparison.


okay. thank you. i’ll do that if it gets worse


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