Exercise and meds question

So this might be a basic question and I’m pretty new to the forum in general. But since my schiz-affective was basically marijuana induced. I just notice exercise really is the only thing to make meds work. Like it just extends its longevity effectiveness I guess. Otherwise i just don’t feel them at all . Is this true for anyone else?


It helps for sure and most of the newer research backs this up. It’s not a replacement and we are all different so it could be simple things like improved blood flow or other mundane reasons why it helps you. Still. We all should be doing some sort of exercise if you can.


Tbh meds don’t make me feel more motivated to exercise, the sedation doesn’t help.

If you are well enough to self motivate yourself to engage in exercise you are probably experiencing a period of wellness. When you are not getting out of the house engaging in exercise you are probably worse mentally.

No doubt exercise helps. I think that if the effect size was large enough though that it wouldn’t be too hard to find it in a scientific study. Independently of each there is probably an effect, there is probably a synergy also. But bottom line you’re not going to exercise yourself back to sanity by doing an unlimited number of push ups. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your zone 2 cardio, HITT and resistant training


Exercise is a natural mood booster. I feel better when I exercise too. But I still need the meds.


Try this : take a towel roll it up grab it at either end as tightly as possible and pull as tightly as possible then do reps as if your doing curls or overhead presses. Your muscles will tighten more and in fact builds your inner strength more then real weights , and helps relieve stress and anxiety

Welcome to the forum.:slightly_smiling_face:

Exercise is so good for you .

I try to exercise every day.
It’s always a struggle to get myself to do it though.

@Iris_Crypts You must be very smart, because you read so many scientific studies. Exercise will make you even sharper. The thinkers of the past were also in pristine physical shape. With a bad physical shape, you will lack the determination. And you are making a huge mistake by underestimating exercise. The mental and physical health of any human must be seen as a whole. The metabolosim in the brain can very much be bettered with nutrition and exercise and the health benefits they provide, in all domains of the body.

Take it back. You don’t seem to grasp the importance of your total health and how your mental health depends on it.


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Could be the endorphins giving you a mood boost.

Whatever it is, it sounds like a good thing :+1:.

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Exercising is great for our mind. I exercise daily. I like to ride my bicycle outdoors.

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There are other users in the news sub who read way more articles then me.

That was a joke, but you should try it during your next manic episode and report back, let me know if it has worked

Would be super keen to try keto but yeah I’m trying to put on weight so it’s hard without carbs. Also I find it hard to get in enough food and Ii realised that how much food I eat is directly correlated with how good it taste. Carbs taste pretty good tbh

@Iris_Crypts I actually went to the Fitnessstudio when I was a bit psychotic or manic not so long ago. It was 11pm when I got a call from a night shift worker from my home to get my medication. I was very communicative and talking so much and so fast and we decided I go to the hospital on my way home. I did not decide to wait in the hospital and took a walk home and arrived home at 4am. Everything was fine after sleep and med adjustments.

Fitness us not a one time thing. You build muscles and bones slowly. Your testosterone (free and total) needs to be elevated for you build muscles, feel more sexual, but also more social. If you train very hard it can make very happy for some hours. But you gain the ability to smile and be happy from training and get more grounded in reality.

For the diet you need to think some more. I’m doing intermittent fasting. But it’s crucial what you eat. Don’t eat junk.

I have one resource I can share but you don’t seem serious enough to me.

I am on amisulpride and I reduced it in 9mg steps to not have sudden big changes. But I was sort of fine on 100mg too.

Yea you need to stop. Exercise is the single best thing you can do for yourself. If you keep it consistent or do it daily you can get close….but it’s something you have to work on. This is why meds like KARxt “reduce pro inflammatory cytokines” which is the response you get when you exercise that is pleasent for schiz disorders. Along with other things but this is the first time a med is addressing cognitive and anhedonic issues in psychiatry. It’s completely new and yes works similar to exercise

I exercise frequently (yoga). And I :heart: it. Problem is I also love sugar and I eat way too much of it. I try to take in enough fruit and vegetables but its hard.

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@Johnnrocato56 @Halozination if all your are looking for is evidence that supports your beliefs then that is all you are going to find. You bandwagon groupshifters!

Fyi I did IF for 9 months and I realised that to get big you gotta eat big. Clearly IF will limit you intake of calories while you’re on the gain train. Also it was super intrusive into having a social life and I honestly it was super emotionally taxing explaining to every single person why I wasn’t eating at said hour