Evolution vs creation

How did the sun get nuclear reactions in it waaaay before we invented the atomic bomb. The sun has been around for thousands of years.
How do plants happen to create oxygen which we survive on through photosynthesis.
How does the sea have salt in it which happens to kill germs.
How does my body have cells in it that kill germs. The cells even know what to do.
How does my body have miles of veins.
Evolution isn’t even a conscious mind so how did it create all these things.
How can I speak to myself in my mind without even making a sound.
We don’t even understand the mind but it happened through evolution?
What are the odds of having hydrogen and oxygen come together when there was nothing in existence to begin with. or whatever the chemicals were that created life hydrogen and ?
How did all this get created through nothing?

Gravity. Do you know how a diesel engine works? It presses fuel into a tiny tiny space, and the pressure ignites it. No spark plugs… Its the same thing with the sun on a much grander scale. The force of gravity creates an enormous pressure that ignites.

Ok, but where did all those atoms come from in the sun. Those atoms had to exist for gravity to pull them together.

I’ve got a question do cells have something in them that makes them think? Because how do they function and know what to do?

Gravity is like the universes big vacuum cleaner. It collects everything together, the bigger it is, over time. They float, weightless, until they get acted upon by it. And its either them, being bigger than their neighbors, or a neighbor bigger than them. This goes on and on and on… to infinity. Until everything collects into a big, giant ball. And the pressure gets so great, it ignites.

because the wan wu honeycomb (the physical and spiritual universe across time)
is the alchemy chamber,
same as saying “all things are possible with god”,
universe walking forward in time,
nothing really changes,
just reveals itself in layers to time,
alchemical transmutation
just the drifiting ideas of a spinning circus,

the mind though,
it’s almost like you are saying
that’s a “good” thing,
when obviously it is the only thing
cutting our species off from our own heart,

yeah, the human mind, now i can believe somebody created that -
a demon, obviously

Are we to say an only thing is bad?

The cat’s back on the mountain;
he’s got eternal direction:
crazy like a superstar,
inspired by the outer like the stars in the sky,
the thinking universe, thinking itself.
Three peacocks on the quayside
fly into the great sun of the spirits,
line up in the light to assume the divine power of the stars,
dissolving in the rays of the bright star of understanding;
The crystal stream from the magic heart
pools in the quiet dustless garden,
irrationality undisturbed,
kaleidoscopic multiplicity of the worlds
flowing out from God’s heart
as a prayer for magical harmony
dispatched into the deep dark,
God’s prayer for prayer.
Take a good look in the Keck telescope,
pray heartily for the storm of freedom thinking itself,
the immense treasury of graces;
go crazy, feel the burn,
spin and pop, sparkle like a prayer,
cross the line: everyone survives.

i am pondering…

  1. how does my brain know`s “recieve” the pain signal if i hurt my little toe, within just a few milli secconds.
    that wiring is just really weird and too fast. is it a quantum?

  2. why is the earth not completly dark in the evening, look at the moon you dont see the shadow side of it.
    like you only see half of the moon. i know they keep saying lightbounces off the atmosphere

  3. nothing is also something, lol you cant say nothing if it holds something

  4. why are we here and not there

  5. -did we choose for this life?, or living in general?

    -why did god or gods left us be with so many unanswered questions

and why, how or what…

-Am i
the biological/the chemical driven entity,
the instinct, the biological driven consciousness
the consciousness, individual or hive minded
the creation of my environment, how does the environment shaped me?

or is it all of the sum above?

pain travels at different rates for different people,
mine super slow,
i get burned 10 times a year from irons and stoves and hot plates,
have to remember that when it feels oddly wet, it’s actually on fire and i should pull away immediately.
had that issue all my life, figured there’s too much wiring in there;
but i met another guy, has the opposite experience,
never gets burned cause he always feels it quick.
that’s not seconds but it’s not quantum.
but i’m with you on speed of light not being adequate to explain physics.
wan wu honeycomb physics at the scale of the known universe;
there are gamma ray bursts that go off once a day -
but they are spread throughout a volume the size of the universe,
across which it would take light 13 and a half billion years to traverse,
so when you learn that the universe is a living thing,
you realize there must be something faster than light,
as the transmission medium holding it together.
so i call it chi, the speed of chi, the cosmic energy that comes out
of the moon and the sun and piles up in firepop gumballs,
you know those glowing orbs you see all over when you breathe in deep
and they start to light up and then you suck them in with your mind, that’s what
they do in yoga, eat the chi from the sun and the moon,
so one day i go out there on a new moon night, see if i can get some chi from polaris,
none coming down, had to send a request,
which was then answered and a stream of firepop gumballs came down.
polaris is several ight years from here,
\so that communication went at the speed of chi,
or as the rush song used to go
at the speed of love.

and one more proof for the speed of chi.
they say that the planet or the star over the house, etc,
well that stuff is also light days and light years away,
and they are talking about instantaneous affect,
just pointing out that implicitly or explicitly,
astrologists also believe in the speed of chi

light, just directional, hits that moon up there but aint commin lookin for us around the curved earth.

something, nothing?
in the tao te ching they have a good line on that -

outside of heaven and earth, it is dark and mysterious;
within heaven and earth, it permeates everything.

that’s why we’re here and not there.
can’t be there,
only here, in the wan wu honeycomb, or
honeycomb of all things,
it is the alchemy chamber,
there is matter,
and it has handedness,
flows toward one direction
- the “dark flow”

and that’s the way it is in here, all this mysterious “matter”
that bubbles up in to living organisms like us.

did we choose it? oh no,
this is something that has happe3ned to us,
i was against it for a long time

  • this propogation of time in the forward direction.
    started a war against time,
    i was goking to bring salvation by reversing time
    so that none of this ever had happnened.

the universe has made a point of teaching me not to do this,
to allow time to move forward,
has pleaded with me,
taught me that time is a demon,
and that we are all demon eaters,
and that time, digested properly, is grace.

so i’m trying to learn

no, not a big ball,
we see that it forms a big web,
people don’t fall together and form one giant person,
we form communities and societies,
beads on a string in a web.

quote wonderdonkey
““the universe has made a point of teaching me not to do this,
to allow time to move forward,
has pleaded with me,
taught me that time is a demon,
and that we are all demon eaters,
and that time, digested properly, is grace””

question=how do you digest time properly?

consciousness and biology questions?

hey this is the excellent question that science refuses to attempt to answer explicitly,
yet fumbles an implicit answer with every manufacture of a new psychoactive drug…

the theory of brain/mind.

unable to get any scientists to explain,
other than very rudimentary imaginings,

i had to figure out my own theory.

i have a working theory of brain mind,
i have published it on smashwords.com,
just one chapter of “wagging my redshift tail - a philosophy of madness”;
and i have just that section posted here:

basically it’s based on fat.
a woman on tv came out and had written a book on memory called carved in sand,
about losing her memory at old age.
i decided to write “carved in grease”,
basically that essay,
cause that’s how the mind works,
a palimpsest, that can be written on, erased, and then re-used.


digesting time properly,
that’s the really hard part.
im pretty sure it involves powering down this laptop and not typing all day.

actually this was taught to me by the bairds tapir at the san francisco zoo, a tapir named “goober”.
so he showed me his way

  • it’s very slow, irrational actions, action not for the purpose of something, totally irrational and hillarious.

i found the way,
rode a black bull off into reality
so i just go twisting and turning in the River of Way,
and figure I’m doing it right,
cause it isn’t my choices, my actions,
but rather universal choices, universal action,
not pursuing my own comfort,
but marching forward in the snowfall of non action,
while my day, my action in the midst of non action,
all ritual and altar,
cultivation and practice,
leaving radiance in my wake i sleep through awareness, under the black hexagon moon


Tapirs are horses and donkeys before they evolved,
that’s what they teach - how to hold in evolution and not move forward with it;

Goober is quite a spirit guide,
here he is, swam up under that leaf and raised it up on his head,
and let out a big laugh in my face.
that’s how he digested the demons of our conversation that day…

after talking to the grand irrationalist about digesting the demon of time,
it may be useful to compare notes with the grand rationalist,
george w hegel…
here are some quotes on basically the same topic,
framed of course in a dfferent language,
maybe more accessible to strict rationalists:

"the standpoint of morality, where the will is aware of its freedom.

subjectivity is only formal

the will’s object becomes subject.

absolute end of the will - the good.
my aim, the purpose willed.
the divine idea present within humanity as “vocation”;
their vocation is for the truth.
vocation - the ray of eternal life that shines clearly for it within the finite.
the speculative truth.
the eternal vocation - to be a citizen of the kingdom of god.
humanity must transpose itself into this kingdom.

kenosis of the human spirit into the mystical kingdom of god,
a resolution into glory,
a particular will united with the universal will, yet distinct.
humanity’s vocation is in the spiritual realm, it’s goal a universal goal.
infinite inward purpose, infinite value within itself.

the supreme miracle -
where the freedom of the subject resolves into grace,
resolution into glory,
the mystical union of the kingdom of god"

-hegel, quotes from the philosophy of religion,
far as i can tell he’s saying the same thing goober does at the zoo…,.