Chaos theory?

what do you think of chaos theory?

any thoughts?

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Pretty much the truth. Not as dramatic as the tsunami caused by the butterfly wing. It is predictable but we can’t make the proper measurements or calculations for any solid predictions.

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how can you calculate perfection tho? and what makes perfection, is perfection indeed perfect or does it always have certain flaws? is anything truly perfect,

i ask myself these questions sometimes bc i find it strange that no-one can answer them, like why does a tree grow a certain way or a flower like why does it stem or bud where it does, is it random or is it random perfectionism?

it truly is mind boggling thats why i like to think about it bc i dont think i will ever have the answer and that makes me always searching haha

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Its ordered chaos. The earth is on its third cycle of rebirth. This is where we choose our destination, some will search forever for themselves. Reincarnation is the same as the flower reborn each spring, with hope comes renewal—the sun is our hope, our light, our life-giving force. It is not a dot in the sky that cursed us, we cursed it by denying ourselves the inner wisdom of nature.

Life evolves based in the physics of the pull of space and time and matter, while the earth has thrown itself off balance–now we are feeling the effect of the waves of supersonic space collapsing because the earth is too smalll not to be sucked into a black hole, but when we are sucked into a black hole, we explode and matter condenses IE the big bang, then matter separates and disperses and then recollects at another center of the universe. Life itself surviving the ultimate collapse of matter is the test of our endurance.

We do not know how long life has existed in the universe because we only have one measurement So why does time exist? It is a type of conditioned belief that our life is ruled by order over peace.

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oh look something shiny . what are all these new species roaming around makes you wonder how all the circle we really are getting dinosaurs won’t be coming birds as a small effect. viruses became smaller what is there other than two cycles maybe they fluctuate between the two big and small. I think it will be twins and triplets cell division that will become the first succession in the new cycle of the world somebody is going to invent what microorganism that eats plastic and that will be the end of us

I have a teenager living in my home. Same thing.


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We are perfect examples of human beings in that we can never be perfect, but knowing we should always strive to become that way. It’s like eternity that can never be fully realized. I think it is in part what keeps us growing the way we do towards a better realization of the truth or facts as they are to be revealed.

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Not to be contentious (hahaha; see other thread), but… according to whom?

I have seen hundreds of people with all manner of psychiatric problems – including sz – who seemed to be obsessed with the rightness or wrongness of beliefs.

The belief(s) could be social, interpersonal, political or religious, though most obviously the last two.

I know that when I began to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept (that I had beliefs; not accept the beliefs) to own (that I had them) to appreciate (why I had them) to understand their function in supporting and maintaining the security of my ego…

I began to be able to question them in light of evidence, let them go and get up out of the box of beliefs linked to emotions linked to behavior that had made my life so awful for so long.

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ok, what about this… nature has a role model…something that it strives to be like, it is seeking perfection… but what is perfection? it is seeking to be like something in its own way… but what? i believe every living thing has a purpose and a goal and that is to thrive to be like the living God, That is its role model…perfection is God.

and another question is… are each and everyone of seperately the centre of our own universe? i believe we are…

Yeah there is only one planet earth and it has only one lifetime. Same with each of us. If that’s not interesting enough for you you don’t know enough about it.

imperfection is perfection. :heart:
take care :alien:

I like this one:

To me. This is my own personal belief. It is probably a rare belief. I haven’t found many resources that agree with my personal belief.