Everyones birthdays

hey guys. today is my 27th birthday . i should be happy but i just think how many years ive had this illness. dose it get easier so i can enjoy life. enjoy birthdays . dose getting older mean the sz will get worse over time? will i relapse? anyone got any answers for me

Happy 27 Birthday! :cake:

thank you very much. feeling a little old lol. i never believed id reach this age . as i was diagnosed at 15. so its been a long road. but im still here live and kicking


Happy Birthday !! :birthday:

happy birthday! 20 characters

Happy 27th Birthday! I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 at age 19. I’m 53 now and my symptoms have receded measurably. I work part-time and take one online class at a time. I need 5 more classes to get my degree. Years ago it was thought that schizophrenia was a degenerative disease. But they did studies that show that MANY schizophrenics actually recover significantly as they get older. My last hospitalization was in 1989, I come close to relapsing but I somehow pull out of it every time.

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Happy birthday from my generation!

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Happy 27th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
That’s my biggest fear. I’m afraid that as I get older my schizophrenia will get worse and harder to maintain. I hope it doesn’t for us all. It makes me fear getting old though.

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Happy Birthday!! 27

It can also get better…just simply understanding it and how to deal with things you once had no knowledge of or were new and scary can give you and edge.
I’ll admit when i was a young child and into my teenage years and early 20s i either didn’t know what was going on at all, or I delved into dark magic and demonology, drinking, some drugs…when i turned to God and light at age 23 I was set on a path where I could learn and know how to deal with things.

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@wizzer8187 happy birthday. I hope it goes down as a good one and you get to spend it with people who make you happy.

Good luck and enjoy your 27th.

Happy Birthday—Still a baby:>

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happy birthday i hope you have a good one.
everyones journey is different, your sz could go away…that is what i am wishing for you…
take care

Happy birthday! I was also diagnosed with sz when I was young - only 18, but my first breakdown was worse than my second. It can get better over time, especially if you learn about sz and your symptoms.

Happy burpday!!!

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