Ever feel your struggle and pain is invisible to others

My family just doesn’t know how much pain I’m in 24/7. Since 2014.


I’m in the exact same situation. I don’t complain to them or let on how bad things are at times, as there’s nothing they can do anyway.


It’s not when I’m in this kinda state. Psychosis yes. So people just don’t see how I’ll i can get when I’m unwell and push me to work because I’m lazy. Not my family but extended family.


No one understands because they haven’t experienced it. That’s why this site is so crucial for us. It’s the only place where people not only understand but also offer support


Yes. Emotional anguish. I don’t care to keep going anymore.

Psychosis isn’t really a good topic of conversation IRL. So Every now and then I allow myself just a little bit of self pity sometimes about my first two years of psychosis. What can I say? Everybody suffers. I sure did.

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All the time. My cognitive difficulties are funny to them at times because I am so forgetful.

All the time too, my brothers say that I am lazy staying in bed all day everyday and that sz is not an excuse. Fkn ignorants.

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my brother used to call me lazy years ago but now he has sza and its far worse than mine


Oh I don’t wish that for them lol

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i didnt wish it. it is more stressful since hes got it than it was when it was only me. i wouldnt wish sz on anyone

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Yes, I feel like most of my friends don’t understand how serious my illness is…

Yeah, relatable.

I do my best to pretend nothings up but when it comes to: it always gets seen as making excuses and stigmatised in general,

if I buy lots of stuff for example it’ll be met with a comment along the lines of “he’s not right in the head” instead of, “he wants to feel happier bc he doesn’t feel happy in his place”, so on and so on

I think my enemies and the morons who love harassing me love to see me struggle and in anguish.

It’s okay though. I worship something real while all they worship is the almighty dollar.

I feel like I’m someone important unlike other people and feel alone in that. I feel like they will take me away because of that.

My family does not understand why I am lazy and apathetic but my new psychologist has understood me perfectly, she is helping me a lot, I am lucky to have found her

I’ve been on the family forum and the general feel is that they feel a lot of the pain that their schizophrenic loved ones feel. It might not be as serious or debilitating, but if they seem like they aren’t noticing your pain it could be because you’ve recovered to the point where you’re acting relatively normal. In that case, it might be best to give them a break, unless you still actively need support in which case you are free to ask for it.

My mom doesn’t really hang with me unless she is genuinely concerned and she hasn’t been for like a year now, but she lets me stay with her which is a huge gift, so I try to keep the peace.

Just wanted to thank you guys for sharing your stories. I really resonated with what you all said. It brought me to tears and I haven’t cried like this for over 6 years. I just realized something… I have been lurking these forums for a long time and I never trusted anyone here, never trusted my family, my mental health team… I always believed I was punished for my wrongdoings in life and God took away my heart, my emotions, but I’m so tired now… I’m going to take a leap of faith and trust you guys.

Sometimes you can’t see another person’s suffering, in spite of the fact that their brain is doing cartwheels inside their heads. I’ve come across people who appeared to me as totally calm. I envied their serenity. Then I found out some of the crazy things they have done, and I realized they were not serene at all.

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my sister doesnt have a clue about the struggles i put up with…she recently told me that i was “priviliged” not to have to work…that pis*ed me off…she hasnt a clue…and when you think of it she has a job which has bugger all stress (a secretary)