People not understanding how serious this is

I am sad and misunderstood by family who don’t understand my illness. I am not well now and
I am a believer in God and that I am here for a reason but sometimes I wish I would just die in my sleep.
My family and husband and belief in God who has a purpose for my life keep me going.


‘Cheers’ @sadandsick. I’m the same way about everything minus having a significant other. Most of my family don’t know just how disabled i am. And my parents say what i have is very mild, they’re wrong.

“You look fine” am i right?

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My pdoc says i have mild schizophrenia but i dont believe there is such a thing

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I know your pain. You are not alone. Please understand though you may be suffering. They cannot understand your true pain. The bible says the blind are blameless. So forgive them and accept forgiveness from them. Knowledge and understanding. We are must walk with the burdens we have. Though they maybe be heavy you are not ment to give up


I, too, have felt sad because family members didn’t seem to understand that I’m suffering terribly. However, I truly believe that nobody can truly understand anything about anyone unless they’ve “walked a mile in their shoes.” Keeping that in mind I’m not angry with my family members who didn’t understand, for I don’t believe they could have truly understood no matter how hard they tried.

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I have bad physical issues too, and my family still looks down on me. It’s a rough world.

I can relate. I wish my husband really understood, but I think he doesn’t want to face what I deal with because it’s too much for him.
The siblings I’ve told showed concern for about five minutes, and then life re-sets and nothing’s different.
This is my “thing”, my burden, my thorn. It’s so intimately and intricately between God and me that it really isn’t possible for other people to be present with me. It would be too much to ask of anyone.

I wish for death sometimes too, my life is a shadow of what it was before I was afflicted.

If you are blind people usually see your thick glasses and seeing eye dog. If you are deaf people see you using sign language. If you have physical deformities people see your limbs missing, a wheelchair, a walker, or a cane. But the most people will see of us is perhaps talking out loud, doing something bizarre, or taking pills. They may think we are pill poppers or a little strange but they cannot hear our voices or understand how the feeling that you are being watched all the time, you are never alone, that your mind is being read by hostile forces, the fact that lack of sleep means more to us because otherwise our minds are going 24/7 which is literally wearing out our minds, being out of touch with reality and the horror movie effects we go through really are. Of course they don’t understand because they are not living through it and they can’t see it in reality.


I suffer from a few “Invisible Illnesses”. SZ and Psoriatic Arthritis which not only attacks joints but tendons and ligaments, skin and organs as well. People see me in a wheelchair or using crutches and they have no clue why. Just yesterday someone told me “You look fine. Your foot (where I had surgery in July) will heal and then you will be perfect.” This Is not only an untruth, it is ignorant and insulting. This disease is a progressively degenerating disease and will only get worse, not better.

And SZ? I can’t even “go there” …no one has a clue. I’m high functioning but have been very sick for over 30 years. I broke the silence and wrote a book about it. People read it and they still don’t know what I go through daily. I can communicate well and am fairly intelligent so people do not believe me if I tell them I have a major mental illness. It doesn’t matter if they “get it” or not. But it does worsen the constant sense of isolation I have. The less I need people the better. not so much of a risk then of feeling ignored and alone.

I can’t help but think of the joker scene in batman when he starts saying: (why so serious?). Man you know it’s just a shame heath ledger passed on like that. I don’t get taken seriously by anyone, and trust me it’s hard for people to take eachother seriously because they’re just off in their little world. You have to journal your hallucinations for a day and make them read through them and then maybe they’ll understand when it’s on paper in front of their face. I used to journal my torture and interrogations all the time and just give them to the va. They never did anything about it though, because they’re not serious people. I have yet to meet a really serious person since being diagnosed.

Most people are at a complete loss when it comes to sz. They’ve heard the word, and maybe they get images of ax murderers or raving lunatics, but when I mention that I have it, they seem incredulous. No one is ever told the truth about it, and the media is absolutely no help. Movies portray us as either villains or heroes but never as we really are - people who are struggling with a serious illness trying to make it in a truly hostile world.

I suffer a lot. I’m going to get real help. I will not be able to hide my symptoms where I’m going - into a nursing home. I’m happy with that. I’m tired of living in the shadows. I’m not a god damned alien. I’m a human being. Where’s the compassion? There will be some who have it, and some who don’t, and I’m fully aware that both will be present. Perhaps some will know about sz and understand my stark limitations. I hope so, but more than likely most will not get it. I can’t help that.

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Yes I agree, media does portrait us in a weird way! I also read an article about a term (it was in finnish) that translated as “Survivor porn”, articels about people who have been ill and gotten better. It also gives a wrong image about serious mental illnesses.

I’ve been really lucky, I understand now as I read these comments. My family totally gets how disabling it can be time to times.

As for other people… They really do not get it, not if they or a family member is not have been mentally ill. My friend said my sickness is due to the fact I have not forgiven my abuser. She also said I’m taking advantage of the Government, because I get pension. She really has no clue how difficult this is time to time. I do not know how to explain, and she is one of my oldest friends.

My family gets it even though I hide many symptoms from them because I think it’s too much for them to handle.