Et tu, Brutus?

I hate to see the bad side of a nice person. It pains me when I draw out the bad side of a nice person. Jeez, if a nice person doesn’t treat you fairly, just think how bad a bad person will treat you for the rest of your life.


If a nice person can’t treat you fairly, then the person turned out to be a bad person.


Lots of people have dark aspects to their personalities that they don’t show to the everyday world. I think the best thing is to try not to see it, if you can. It doesn’t do to get too disillusioned with humanity.

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man yeah… I think everyone has a bad side of sorts… I saw someone’s dark side the other night… really changed things as just exposure to that side of someone’s mentality can really affect how you feel about being around them.

I have a dark side… but it’s just defensive… I really don’t like being messed around with and I’m a decently patient person but if you push to it I will stand up for my self… offensively.

In the end though that almost always feels like a mistake. There are a lot of people in my life who will not change themselves… they are dependent on their perspectives and behaviors because they enjoy them and it gets them through. The whole point of my negative states is to try to put them in check by showing them how they look from the outside so they might drop the act and go back to being the normal human beings they are supposed to be. I’m more just talking about people who are incredibly drunk…

any case… being a totally good person can be rather foolish depending on your lifestyle.

I’m too bored to hang around with totally good people… but also really fucken offended by the presence of bad people in this world. The middle path is out there though, you don’t have to deal in absolutes.

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I got follow 24/24, do I still have bad side? :smiley: