Do you believe you're avoiding the bad side of yourself?

I think I have. Be aware that you might NEED that side of you!

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There is no right or wrong, only different ways to see the things

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There is but I would school out people to keep it on the background.

Breaking the law is not a bad thing if you don’t hurt anyone. But hurting somebody physicaly or mentally, well then you did a bad thing. We must love each others and help each other.

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All I meant is that don’t keep dreaming of “rainbow world” and being too much like Jesus.
Be strong enough and say out your own opinion. We may need an extra 1000 years to get there.

I exercise him every now and then. Keeps him sharp.

So the “him” is a badass version of you in there, just in case?

No, I’m no badass. Just a regular Joe with a regular temper. But I manage to win sometimes.

My patience with people isn’t as great as it used to be but I still have good anger control. I’m stuck right in the middle with and an angel and a devil on my shoulders while driving the manure spreader.

Don’t put your temper off, and take moral hits if you do, everyone else is doing it as well.

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I see what you’re saying about not living in Candyland but like Monopoly there are only so many get out of jail free cards.

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There definitely is a dark side to my nature. It runs rampant when I am coming off an antipsychotic. I’m lucky someone didn’t hurt me when I was in one of my rages.

You should not think of the bad side of yourself. You have to think in symptoms. The moment you have intrusive thoughts that are violent, for example. Then you should not blame yourself. You have to see it as a thought that actually does not represent anything. Do not try to suppress it but accept it and release it.

It is difficult to deal with those thoughts. Because why do I have those thoughts?

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I wouldn’t start sorting out between bad and good. This has been putting me away for years. I love puppies and flowers but switching heavy-guitar to acoustic one doesn’t make any sense.

I sometimes get nostalgic for Bad Decisions Ninjastar. She really had zero fears, and had so many adventures! Nowadays, my adventures are more like a day trip to go hiking, or ice cream for breakfast occasionally. Back in the day, it was a miracle I survived any given week. But, that’s the price I pay for actually caring whether I live or die, now. I’m happier now, overall. But I do miss the sense of adventure.


You can have these adventures back. I found my own answers how.

I don’t need all that bad ■■■■, i am trying to file it all under bin (with the help of meds of course) lol

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I really can’t. Most of those adventures were very dangerous, and I’m lucky I didn’t die. Now that I care about staying alive, I don’t dare take such stupid risks.

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Ok, as I don’t know the details - can’t say. Everyone do what works for you.
For a guy like me - it works to be a bit deep’n’dark.

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I don’t discuss my reckless days too much on here, because I don’t want to glorify that lifestyle in front of impressionable, younger members. I sincerely hope that when I have kids, they take after their father. I will be terrified if my kids inherit my lack of regard for personal safety. Mr. Star is much more reserved.