Enyone here with thyroid disorders?

What are your symptoms?

Yes, hypothyroidism (low thyroid)… I take thyroid hormones.

I dont know if i got any symptoms. My blood test is normal after thyroid medication, and i have got a lot of symptoms that just as well can be caused by my somatization disorder (tinnitus, feeling cold, IBS and tiredness)

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I am also hypothyroid. before I knew I had it, unmedicated I was very emotional…medicine fixed it.

I’ve got low thyroid numbers but not low enough to qualify for a hypothyroidism diagnosis.

Lithium gave me full blown hypothyroidism years ago but it went away as soon as came off of lithium.


Yeah, lithium does that.

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Hyperthyroid, I had really rapid heartbeat and super sweaty and over heated all the time. Meds and diet have it mostly in check now, one of my pdocs told me that over time ap meds can knock out thyroid, but so can fluoride in the water, and many other things.

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