Lithium, anyone?

Anyone here on Lithium? I’ve been on it for years. I take 1800mg, 900 twice a day. My pdoc recently tinkered with the dose, and i became a hot mess. I became very nasty, and didn’t see it happening until my wife pointed out that I was being moody. I was genuinely agitated and ticked off. I hope no one here holds it against me. I was way out of line. I see the pdoc on Monday, and will have to tell him I didn’t fare well having my dose adjusted.

I was on it years ago. I took it for many years, but it didn’t help me much at the time. It finally messed up my thyroid - hypothyroidism. But it did help with depression it seems.

@Wave, Is your thyroid permanently burnt out, or did it return to baseline once the Li was discontinued?

Hey alien, it went back to baseline normal when I discontinued - Its fine now

@Wave Oh that’s a relief! It sounded like it scorched your thyroid permanently! :wink:

Haha no, everything is cool, lithium is a good med, i was on it for years, many psych meds can do this, its not permanent - sorry about the unintentional scare

@Wave No harm, no foul. :smiley: