Envy and covetousness

So there is a difference between envy and covetousness, the first is to desire the blessings bestowed on another so much that you wish they be taken away from that person and the latter is to fantasize about possessing someone else’s blessings. The cure for the first is to wish only the best for the person whose blessings one is envious of and the cure for the second is to mind one’s own business. Thank you.

So envy and covetousness are one of my biggest failings. I’m getting better at minding my own business which is the cure for the latter, but still struggling to wish the best for people, which is the cure for the former. :frowning:

I would try to be kind to everyone. Envy is a deadly sin and can lead into problems. The virtue kindness,chastity(self control,waver) is the antidote.

pray blessing on them- spiritual- like for you

So I’m thinking how envy and covetousness relate to competition and running a business. Is all competition based on envy and covetousness;?;

no, only when you do dishonest gain. business is to earn money honestly a fair price for a good product

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I don’t understand how you set prices honestly, and what this has to do with competition;?;

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honest businesses are good competitors and will quickly get a good reputation for dependability. a fair price is not one that 'the market will bare a
but a reflection of cost and profit.

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